Print off your Printable Leaf Crown for your little one for some fall fun! This autumn activity can be done so many ways.
Even though the kids are back to school we still like to keep a few quick grab activities. We created a great fall printable pack that is full of them! Today we are sharing one with you for free, our Printable Autumn Crown!   This printable is great because it can […]

Free Printable Autumn Crown for Fall Dress Up

This easy Halloween Wreath is the perfect upcycled craft project! Using T-Shirt yarn and sticks from the yard it is an inexpensive Halloween Decoration.
I know, I know, I said that I was done with the Halloween crafts and posts, but I just can’t help myself! I am feeling extremely inspired this year and I have to share with you! On Periscope I was showing how to make t-shirt yarn and I figured I […]

UpCycled Halloween Wreath

Activity Dice Free Printable - Great for preschoolers and toddlers.
My kiddos absolutely love pretending to be animals.  They are constantly crawling like cats or roaring like lions.  So I created a set of printable activity dice.  It has turned their love of make believe into a fun interactive game that they can play together. Playing with our Free Printable […]

Printable Activity Dice – A Free Fun Printable!

Healthy & Organic Toddler Snack Cookies
We have switched full tilt into toddler mode and the taste buds are becoming more and more picky. It has been hard, even with the best organic snacks, to keep an excess of sugar out of V’s diet. I was looking to create an organic toddler snack that I could […]

Healthy & Organic Toddler Snack Cookies

Make these tasty brined pumpkin seeds this year! With the addition of just one step, you will have perfectly crispy pumpkin seeds that everyone will love!
We love to carve pumpkins and we love our pumpkins seeds. This is another one of My Man’s specialties. A few years back he started to make Brined Pumpkin Seeds. We have never looked back!Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link […]

My Man’s Brined Pumpkin Seeds –

There is so many ways to have fun with robots! Robot crafts, activities, printables, and more!
We fully believe that play-based learning is the best way to teach your young children. As we write about in our book, The Undeniable Power of Play, we really encourage you to set up fun activities to let your child explore and develop through play. We have gathered some great […]

Fun with Robots Crafts & Activities for Learning

This Fine Motor Spider Craft is a great way to have some fun while developing your little ones fine motor skills.
There may only be one thing that I like better than a fun craft that my little one can help with. That is when you can tie in a fundamental skill in the process! These fine motor spiders were so fun to make with V. She can continue to take them apart […]

Fine Motor Spiders – A Fun Kid’s Craft

Grab these easy DiY instructions to create your own Magnetic Button Tic Tac Toe to put on your refrigerator. This board sits flush on the fridge and is the perfect little distraction for your kiddos.
My fridge is always covered. Between magnets, pictures, and notes there is always plenty to help distract my youngest while I make dinner. We have a new addition that I wanted to share with you today, our button tic tac toe magnet game. Now my youngest doesn’t really get tic tac toe […]

Button Tic Tac Toe – DiY Magnet Game

Handmade Halloween Costumes-If you don't have time to make your costumes, try buying your outfit from Etsy! These are handmade and perfect!
Halloween is right around the corner and while I really want my kiddos to wear handmade Halloween costumes, I have no idea when I’m going to find the time to make them this year…not to mention the fact that my sewing skills are next to nothing.  So this year, I’m heading […]

Handmade Halloween Costumes ~ An Etsy Roundup

Create a fun pumpkin totem pole for a quick and easy Halloween decoration! DiY instructions for making your own weathered plastic pumpkins too!
You know those bright pumpkins you always see at the store? Those cheap ones that are only about $1 a piece? What if I told you that those could create an amazing Pumpkin Totem Pole?! Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you […]

Weathered Plastic Pumpkin Totem Pole

Printable Fall Activities-Enjoy the autumn season with these fun printables. Fun for the young child to adult. You can enjoy several activities as a family.
Are you ready for fall? Do your kids need something to help them get out and enjoy the new season?  Are you ready to create memories with your family?  After the success of our Road Trip Boredom Book, we wanted to offer you some Printable Fall Activities! We love bringing you […]

Printable Fall Activities ~ A Boredom Buster

This is a fast & fun fall craft! It can be an assisted toddler craft, or a older kids craft. These cute little pumpkins can be placed around the house to add a little fall to your decor.
A few leaves have already started falling here in Kentucky! So I thought it was time to start coming up with some fun new fall crafts! These toilet paper tube pumpkins are a fun little activity. You can do them with your toddler or let your older kids create on […]

Toilet Paper Tube Pumpkins ~ A Fall Craft

Make these DiY Minecraft Bricks for your Minecraft fan. Make them for a room decoration, for a Minecraft birthday party, or just a fun craft!
If you know anything about the game of Minecraft you would know that it all starts with a single brick. The whole game is made of them. Making DiY Minecraft Bricks was a challenge, but I knew we needed them to bring the game to life. What you need for […]


Make these DiY Minecraft Pickaxe for your Minecraft fan. Make them for a room decoration, for a Minecraft birthday party, or just a fun craft!
I had been very busy creating lots of props for J’s Minecraft party. I had this great idea to bring the game to life and I needed quite a few items to pull it off. I created these DiY Minecraft Pickaxes out of wood. It is one of the first […]


Make these DiY Minecraft Torches for your Minecraft fan. Make them for a room decoration, for a Minecraft birthday party, or just a fun craft!
While a lot of the set up for this party was time consuming. These DiY Minecraft Torches were not! They were my favorite thing that I made. I wish I had made more of them! I have actually made them since too! In the game of Minecraft one of the first things you […]


Make these DiY Minecraft Sword for your Minecraft fan. Make them for a room decoration, for a Minecraft birthday party, or just a fun craft!
Do you have a Minecraft fan at home? They keep adding more and more to the game which is constantly sparking J’s interest. I created these DiY Minecraft Swords for his birthday party and they were a hit! I will not lie they were a labor of love. However, the excitement […]


No Sew Stick Horse-Tutorial for creating diy horses with cheap supplies from the dollar store
for the Giddy Up leg of our Justin Time Party Activity, I needed to create a No Sew Stick Horse that was inexpensive and easy to make in bulk. The hardest part of that equation was the no sew. we needed to create a head quickly and inexpensively. So we […]

No Sew Stick Horse ~ A Simple Tutorial

Justin Time Birthday Party-Activities, food, and decorations for a Justin Time themed party based off of the Netflix original show Justin Time Go
For three months I have been mentally planning a fabulous pirates party. It was going to include an amazing cardboard pirate ship that rivaled the pink castle from Little Miss’ party last year. Two weeks before the party, Mr. Monster informed me…very adamantly I might add, that he no longer […]

Justin Time Birthday Party ~ Mr. Monster’s Third Birthday

Justin Time Party Activity for a Justin Time themed party based off of the Netflix original show Justin Time Go
Creating the activity for Mr. Monster’s Justin Time birthday party started out as a bit of a challenge.  But after watching a few episodes, I came up with the idea to make the Justin Time Party Activity based off of several episodes of the show. I chose 3 episode themes and […]

Justin Time Party Activity ~ Bring The Episodes To Life

Create a Cardboard Dragon using items you have around the house. Perfect for a dragon party, dragon costume, or fun dragon activity
For Little Miss’ Dragons: Race to the Edge party, I knew that I wanted the kiddos to be able to ride around on dragons.  How I was going to pull that off was a bit of a challenge.  What I ended up with was a cardboard dragon. In theory, this was […]

Cardboard Dragon ~ A Fun Party Activity

Ditch the paintbrush and find some of these fun household items for painting!
Brushes are overrated when it comes to painting with toddlers. They can be hard for them to maneuver and they can have a hard time making what’s in their mind. All you have to do is take a look around and you will find lots of household items for painting! When […]

Household Items for Painting with Toddlers

Read these tips for painting with toddlers! Introducing your little ones to arts and crafts early is so important!
From a very young age, I have been encouraging my kiddos to be creative and artistic. To some parents, all they think of when they hear painting with toddlers is messy messy messy! Now I am not going to try to convince you otherwise… I do not have a secret that […]

Painting with Toddlers ~ Our Best Tips