Grab this free printable Holiday Lights Scavenger Hunt for a fun new family tradition! Search for Christmas lights with your little ones. Cute pictures allow even the youngest kids to play!
It’s that time of year when the sun goes down Way too early. Sometimes these evenings seem endless since it can be dark for a few hours before bedtime. This is the perfect opportunity to take some family time with a Holiday Lights Scavenger Hunt!If you are a Twitchetts Subscriber you know how much we like to keep the […]

Holiday Lights Scavenger Hunt

Get your Free Christmas Coloring Pack. This Free Printable download includes a kids coloring page and an a more detailed adult coloring page.
The holiday season is in full swing and before we know it the kiddos will be home on Christmas break.  We thought we would give you something that you can do to relax with your little one.  This month’s printable is for both of you!  A fun free Christmas coloring […]

Mommy & Me Free Christmas Coloring Pack

Activity Dice Free Printable - Great for preschoolers and toddlers.
My kiddos absolutely love pretending to be animals.  They are constantly crawling like cats or roaring like lions.  So I created a set of printable activity dice.  It has turned their love of make believe into a fun interactive dice games that they can play together. Creating dice games with […]

Printable Activity Dice – Animal Dice Games

Healthy & Organic Toddler Snack Cookies
Finding healthy toddler snacks can be trying.  You want to find snacks for toddlers that are easy, healthy and that they will eat.  This is our go to toddler snack. Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and […]

Healthy & Organic Toddler Snacks

Christmas wrapping ideas-Finding fun wrapping paper for Christmas or birthdays is fun. This gift wrap is quick and inexpensive.
I love finding new Christmas gift wrapping ideas using simple items.  Gift wrapping can be about more than just the wrapping paper.  Check out how we used beads to make a festive rustic gift wrap.Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the […]

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas ~ Fun Holiday Gift Wrap

Check out these 5 Christmas Boredom Busters for your kiddos! These are quick and easy kids activities that you can pull out anywhere! These are fun for kids and are a great way to pass by time this holiday season.
We have come up with 5 Christmas Boredom Busters for you! These are quick and easy kids activities that you can pull out anywhere! They are fun for kids and are a great way to pass the time this holiday season. Whether you are expecting to be at an airport or […]

5 Christmas Boredom Busters – Easy Kids Activities

These Washer Snowmen ornaments are the perfect snowman decoration to add to your tree! These homemade ornaments make great gifts or are perfect to create for your own tree.
I have always been a big fan of snowman decorations! When I was creating the washer ornaments post earlier this week I had an a-ha moment to create these cute Washer Snowman Ornaments and they turned out so cute! They are the perfect addition to all of our fun DIY […]

Washer Snowman Ornaments ~ Christmas DIY

Make these easy homemade Christmas ornaments this year with things around the house! Dig in the tool chest to make this washer decoration!
Nothing beats an easy homemade decoration to put up on your tree or give to a friend or family member. It’s even better when you can make them from things around the house! These washer ornaments are fun to make and can be created to match any holiday decor. We love easy […]

Washer Ornaments – Easy Homemade Decoration

Rustic Christmas Decor is so much fun to create! Bring the natural look inside while decorating for Christmas with this beautiful Rustic Christmas Wreath!
I have always had a thing for rustic Christmas decor. I love anytime you can bring nature inside to decorate. This Rustic Christmas Wreath is a perfect mix of nature with a pop of color. This isn’t the first time we have brought the outdoors in to decorate, and it won’t be […]

Rustic Christmas Wreath a Nature Holiday Craft

Grab a few Christmas cards together to make some of these fun craft stick puzzles! All you need are a few holiday cards and popcycle sticks. These Christmas card puzzles are a great kids activity you can pull out anywhere!
We love a simple craft that uses things you might already have around your home. These craft stick puzzles are one of them! This Christmas card craft also gives you something to do with all of those greeting cards you get every year in the mail. You are going to […]

Christmas Card Puzzles a Simple Kids Boredom Buster

Learn how to fold these adorable paper stars! They are perfect for all sorts of decoration ideas, but these paper star ornaments are the cutest!
Last year I was completely obsessed with making these fun paper stars! They are pretty easy to make and can be used so many ways. This year I decided to make these cute DiY Paper Star Ornaments for our tree!Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This […]

DiY Paper Star Ornaments

Thumbprint Cookie-oatmeal thumbprint cookies using any flavor of jelly. Perfect for a Christmas cookie or toddler snack.
The thumbprint cookie  is such a classic cookie.  I have memories of eating handfuls of them off the dessert table at Christmas.  We combined the thumbprint cookie with our toddler cookies and created this simple and delicious treat! Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if […]

Thumbprint Cookie Recipe ~ Easy Oatmeal Treats

This year change it up and make this easy chorizo stuffing for your holiday meal. Makes a great Thanksgiving side or have it for Christmas dinner!
If there’s one thing that every holiday spread needs it’s stuffing! The one thing about stuffing… Everyone makes it different. In the past we shared with you a tasty classic homemade stuffing recipe. While that is still a go to recipe for us, sometimes you just want to mix it […]

Easy Chorizo Stuffing ~A Fun Holiday Side Dish

Get your bathroom party ready with toilet paper rolls for your visitors. Your guests will love this quick tip! Super simple bathroom hack.
When it comes to preparing for guests, this little bathroom hack is a simple way to add a “wow” factor.  This trick comes from our Momma and we’ve loved it from the first time we saw it.  She gets her bathroom party ready by wrapping the toilet paper rolls for […]

Toilet Paper Rolls For Guests ~ A Simple Bathroom Hack

100 Etsy Christmas Ornaments-Holiday ornaments for kids, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, baby's first, and everyone else on your gift list. From santa ornaments, snowman ornaments, angel ornaments, natural wood ornaments, metal ornaments, animal ornament, classic ball ornaments and more. All handmade by Etsy Shop owners.
We’ve scoured Etsy to find you the best Etsy Christmas Ornaments for everyone on your list! Every year our mom picked out a beautiful ornament and gave it to us in our stocking.  We love continuing this tradition with our kids.  Finding the perfect ornament can be tough, but you know […]

100 Etsy Christmas Ornaments ~ An Etsy Shop Gift Guide

DIY Christmas Garland. Simple rustic and natural garland made from gum balls, inexpensive Christmas ornaments, and burlap.
I love the look of rustic Christmas decor.  Something about the earthy browns mixed with the reds and greens that give our home a cozy feel.  I love placing cinnamon sticks and cloves around the house and creating a comforting place to curl up next to the Christmas tree with a […]

DIY Christmas Garland ~ With Natural Sweetgum Balls

Make this construction paper turkey craft this year! This Thanksgiving craft is going to be a favorite to make over and over!
This is the last of our 3 Twitchetts Turkeys! I think this Construction Paper Turkey Craft is my favorite! You can hang them or place them on the table. This one is for the older kids or even for yourself!Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” […]

Construction Paper Turkey Craft ~ Thanksgiving Fun!

This fine motor turkey kids craft is fun for all ages! This Thanksgiving day craft is fun to create and adds a cute flare to your windows or fridge for the season.
Halloween is almost here and we will all be switching gears soon to Thanksgiving! Now whether you are a big Thanksgiving fan or not, it’s fun to sneak a craft or two in for the holiday. This fine motor turkey kids craft can be done by little ones of all ages! […]

Turkey Kids Craft ~ Fine Motor Thanksgiving Fun!

Save a few jar lids to make these super cute button practice felt flowers! Fine Motor, Hand eye coordination, and a good skill to master for any kid.
Keeping little hands busy can often be a struggle. And while I usually don’t have a problem with a messy activity, sometimes you just want something simple to throw at them without the worry of cleanup coming later. You need to make yourself a couple of these button practice felt […]

Button Practice Felt Flowers

Handmade Gift Ideas for Children-A gift guide of unique kids gifts ideas from Etsy shops. Perfect gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays and any other gift giving celebration. Gift ideas for boys and girls.
This year, I headed to Etsy to find handmade gift ideas for children that will create memories and inspire imaginative play.  I had to share some of the amazing gifts that I found so that you can find that perfect gift for every kid on your gift list. Disclosure: Some […]

16 Handmade Gift Ideas For Children

Handmade Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers-A gift guide of unique baby and toddler gift ideas from Etsy shops. Perfect gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, Baby Showers and any other gift giving celebration. Gift ideas for boys and girls.
My gift list is long this season.  The number of gifts for babies and toddlers that I need to purchase keeps growing and growing.  This year, instead of heading down the plastic filled isles of a box store, I’m heading to the handmade heaven of Etsy. Disclosure: Some of the […]

15 Handmade Gifts For Babies and Toddlers

Handmade Gifts Under $15-A gift guide of unique gift ideas from Etsy shops. Perfect gifts for Christmas, Stockings, Easter Baskets, Teacher Appreciation or to top of a baby shower gift. Gift ideas for boys and girls. moms and dads!
Throughout the year, little gift giving opportunities pop up.  From stocking stuffers to Easter baskets, Switch Witch baskets to Teacher Appreciation.  I combed through Etsy and found you some amazing Handmade Gifts Under $15.  Perfect to throw in a basket or finish off a baby shower gift. Disclosure: Some of […]

18 Handmade Gifts Under $15 For The Whole Family