Print off these fun coloring book bracelets for your kiddos. There are 2 different designs and DiY instructions on how to put them together.
From the moment that we figured out how we were making the bracelets for V’s PJ Masks party I knew we needed to create something that all our readers could enjoy. These DiY Paper Bracelets for Kids are fun so much fun for them to create and easy for you […]

DiY Paper Bracelets for Kids - Free Printable

Activity Dice Free Printable - Great for preschoolers and toddlers.
My kiddos absolutely love pretending to be animals.  They are constantly crawling like cats or roaring like lions.  So I created a set of printable activity dice.  It has turned their love of make believe into a fun interactive game that they can play together. Playing with our Free Printable […]

Printable Activity Dice – A Free Fun Printable!

Healthy & Organic Toddler Snack Cookies
We have switched full tilt into toddler mode and the taste buds are becoming more and more picky. It has been hard, even with the best organic snacks, to keep an excess of sugar out of V’s diet. I was looking to create an organic toddler snack that I could […]

Healthy & Organic Toddler Snack Cookies

Creating a Minecraft themed birthday party can be a lot of fun. This party had food, crafts, party favors, and an amazing party activity. Perfect for any minecraft fan, girl or boy!
Well, it happened… My baby boy turned 7!!  Seven.  How that happened, I have no idea…I remember him eating his 1st birthday cake like it was yesterday. As he has gotten older the parties have become more fun to plan. Now that he has friends from school involved, I try […]

Seeing Pixels ~ A MINECRAFT Themed Birthday Party!

Create a Cardboard Dragon using items you have around the house. Perfect for a dragon party, dragon costume, or fun dragon activity
For Little Miss’ Dragons: Race to the Edge party, I knew that I wanted the kiddos to be able to ride around on dragons.  How I was going to pull that off was a bit of a challenge.  What I ended up with was a cardboard dragon. In theory, this was […]

Cardboard Dragon ~ A Fun Party Activity

Ditch the paintbrush and find some of these fun household items for painting!
Brushes are overrated when it comes to painting with toddlers. They can be hard for them to maneuver and they can have a hard time making what’s in their mind. All you have to do is take a look around and you will find lots of household items for painting! When […]

Household Items for Painting with Toddlers

Read these tips for painting with toddlers! Introducing your little ones to arts and crafts early is so important!
From a very young age, I have been encouraging my kiddos to be creative and artistic. To some parents, all they think of when they hear painting with toddlers is messy messy messy! Now I am not going to try to convince you otherwise… I do not have a secret that […]

Painting with Toddlers ~ Our Best Tips

Whether you call it moon sand, cloud dough, or kinetic sand this recipe is perfect! It is taste safe coconut oil moon sand. We added a fun summer twist as well!
Whether you call it moon sand, cloud dough, or kinetic sand it is a fun sensory experience for kids of all ages. You can find lots of different recipes around the web on how to make your own at home, but after reading quite a few I knew I was […]

Coconut Oil Moon Sand with a Summer Twist

Printable Garage Sale Kit-Print these pages to help with your next garage sale. Signs for all of your tables plus labels with lots of different prices. Great help for making some extra cash.
This year, while I was prepping for our annual garage sale, I pulled out my piles of price sticker packs. You know, the ones that you get from the store for a couple of bucks. They’re pre-printed with prices…but they kind of suck. My pile consisted of 562,000 pages of […]

Printable Garage Sale Kit

The perfect Summer Games snack. Seasonal peaches and cream are the perfect combination for these fun Olympic Torches.
With the summer games right around the corner make these tasty fruit torches for a fast fun snack! Also find a fast and easy homemade whipped cream recipe below! What you need to make your Summer Games Fruit Torches: Peaches. Whipped Cream. (Heavy whipping cream, sugar, & vanilla) Sugar Cones. Making […]

Summer Games Snack Torches

Grab your ink pad and have fun creating these fun designs. This easy kids craft is fast to set up and will keep them busy!
I am a sucker for bargain bins at the craft store… You know the one right inside the door with $1 goodies inside. I usually grab one or 2 things and throw them into my cart and figure, I will use them some day! This time, I happened to grab […]

Ink Pad Kid’s Craft Fun

Dragons Race To The Edge party. A Netflix spin-off of How To Train Your Dragon. It was a fun dragon party that the kiddos loved at her birthday party
A few months back, I was casually chatting with my kiddos about their upcoming birthday parties. Mr. Monster mentioned his theme choice, and it lined up perfectly with what I was already mentally planning. Little Miss, however, threw me for a loop. She wanted a Dragons Race To The Edge […]

Dragons Race To The Edge Party

Toothless Cake from our Dragons: Race To The Edge party. A Netflix spin-off of How To Train Your Dragon. It was a fun dragon party that the kiddos loved at her birthday party
When Little Miss asked for a Dragons: Race To The Edge party, one of the first things she said she wanted was a dragon cake.  Not just any dragon….a Toothless Cake. If you follow along with us, you know that chemical food dye is never on our party supply list. […]

Toothless Cake ~ A Dragon Cake

Watermelon Dragon from our Dragons: Race To The Edge party. A Netflix spin-off of How To Train Your Dragon. It was a fun dragon party that the kiddos loved at her birthday party
Watermelon is one of my go-to party foods.  It’s pretty universally liked, easy to serve, and reasonably priced.  For Little Miss’ Dragon Party, I thought the food table was missing a little something.  So I tried my hand at my first ever watermelon carving and made a watermelon dragon. What […]

Watermelon Dragon ~ For a Dragon Party!

Use up some left over tissue paper to create this easy kids craft. Help your little one increase their pinching skills and focus on fine motor while making these beautiful butterflies.
Like so many other crafts in the past few weeks, I was inspired when I was trying to come up with something for the #PowerOfPlay52 prompt on Instagram. Something fun and new for me to do with my kiddos, that might be sneaking in some learning when she doesn’t even know […]

Tissue Paper Butterflies

Easy Party Planning Guidebook-Get the help you need to plan your next kids' party. Party Planning can be easy with this simple guide. Includes 9 pages of party planning worksheets to help. Everything from planning the menu to the party decorations, the party theme to the fun activity.
Are you afraid you don’t have the time to create a party that your child will never forget?  Do you feel like you’re not inventive enough to come up with the fun party ideas?  Would you be interested in a guide that walks you through the planning process so that […]

Easy Party Planning Guidebook

Party Theme Roundup-Get inspiration for your next kids party. Party ideas for all ages of kids. Boys party and girls party.
One of the first decisions, when you’re planning a kids party is the theme.  Some years the theme is obvious.  Some years, we need some inspiration.  Take a look at our Kids’ Party Theme Roundup.  We hope that it provides you with the inspiration to get that party theme chosen. […]

Kids Party Theme Roundup

PJ Masks Bracelets FI
When it comes to planning parties we are all about the DiY. Not only does it save you money, but it also allows you to get crafty! Today I want to share with you the PJ Masks party DiY projects that we created for V’s 3 birthday party. PJ Masks […]

PJ Masks Party DiY Fun

PJ Masks Party Activity FI
You know how much we love our party activities! Coming up with something that is age appropriate, fun, and inexpensive to create is something that we pride ourselves in. Our PJ Masks party activity was no exception. With a mixture of dress-up and moving around it was a perfect activity […]

PJ Masks Party Activity

PJ Masks Costumes FI
V has been obsessed with the PJ Masks ever since it first aired. She constantly switches between favorites and the quote “use your super cat speed” comes out all of the time to get her to hustle up. For her 3rd birthday, this was the theme and we really wanted […]

No Sew PJ Masks Costumes

Inspirational Quote Wall Art-Use this quick tip to make DIY wooden signs easier to create.
Finding wall decor for the kids’ room was more of a challenge than I thought.  I knew that I wanted an inspirational quote wall art.  But deciding what the sign would say was the hard part. Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you […]

Inspirational Quote Wall Art

PJ masks party favors FI
If you are planning a party you can get totally wrapped up in the food, the activities, & decorations. Sometimes grabbing the Kids Party Favors gets left until the last minute. How many times have you left a party with goodie bags full of plastic junk and candy that gets […]

Kids Party Favors – Custom T-Shirts