This Free Printable Pack includes 6 different Pro Basketball Bingo Boards. A great kids activity or a fun adult game to add the next time you watch an NBA basketball game.
Whether you are a huge basketball fan or not when there is a big game on you might find yourself watching…. The NBA finals are in full swing and we have been watching the games. However while one of our family members loves one of the teams, the rest of […]

Pro Basketball Bingo - Free Printable

Activity Dice Free Printable - Great for preschoolers and toddlers.
My kiddos absolutely love pretending to be animals.  They are constantly crawling like cats or roaring like lions.  So I created a set of printable activity dice.  It has turned their love of make believe into a fun interactive game that they can play together. Playing with our Free Printable […]

Printable Activity Dice – A Free Fun Printable!

Healthy & Organic Toddler Snack Cookies
We have switched full tilt into toddler mode and the taste buds are becoming more and more picky. It has been hard, even with the best organic snacks, to keep an excess of sugar out of V’s diet. I was looking to create an organic toddler snack that I could […]

Healthy & Organic Toddler Snack Cookies

Creating a Minecraft themed birthday party can be a lot of fun. This party had food, crafts, party favors, and an amazing party activity. Perfect for any minecraft fan, girl or boy!
Well it happened…My baby boy turned 7!!  Seven.  How that happened, I have no idea…I remember him eating his 1st birthday cake like it was yesterday. As he has gotten older the parties have become more fun to plan. Now that he has friends from school involved, I try to […]

Seeing Pixels ~ A MINECRAFT Themed Birthday Party!

Initial Wall Collage-Multiple crafts to create an alphabet wall for a kids room. Use any color to match any theme, from girls room, to boys room, to a gender neutral or boy/girl room.
We recently transitioned the kiddos from their nursery to a big kids room.  When I took down the alphabet that hung on the nursery wall, I knew I wanted to keep some of the memory of that craft in their new room.  So I decided to keep two of the […]

Initial Wall Collage for a Kids’ Room

Inexpensive Nursery Wall Decor. An inexpensive, gender neutral way to create an alphabet collage plus decor for over the crib, that wont hurt the baby if it falls off the wall. Choose whichever color you want for either a baby girl, baby boy, or both a boy and a girl.
My babies are not babies anymore.  Nothing says that more than saying goodbye to their nursery and turning it into a kid’s room.  Before I took it down, I thought I would share my inexpensive nursery wall decor.  It was simple, quick, and cheap. Inexpensive Nursery Wall Decor – Stars! I […]

Inexpensive Nursery Wall Decor

Make this quick cheesecake spread anytime you need a fast dessert. Made by mixing just 2 ingredients and can be served with anything on the side.
The time of impromptu BBQs and get-togethers is upon us. On any random day, we run into friends at the pool or park and last minute dinner plans are made. I always like to put out some sort of treat for the end of the meal, but I don’t always want […]

Quick Cheesecake Spread – A Fast Dessert

This DiY Twig Art is the perfect nature craft. Paining twigs is a fun kids activity that you can use to create this fun piece of art!
This time of year we are outside every chance we get. It isn’t too hot yet, but too warm to stay cooped up inside. So how do we get crafty outside? We make a nature craft! Like this DiY twig art. In keeping up with our #PowerOfPlay52 challenge I was […]

DiY Twig Art – A Painted Nature Craft

This dry bean mosaic can be a toddler craft or a kids activity! Make it for fun or as a homemade gift from the kids. Adults could even create a fun piece of art too!
Making a gift for Father’s Day is a given around our home. Trying to keep it a surprise, now that is the challenge. V was too excited not to share her bag book with her Papi, so I was left pulling out another fun craft for her to create. I […]

Painted Dry Bean Mosaic – A Gift for Dad

5 Items that Inspire Learning Through Play-Entertain your kiddos with play-based learning at home. You don't need fancy craft ideas to teach your children. Simple items from around your home can inspire your child's imagination.
We’ve been talking a lot about play-based learning.  Between our regular kid’s crafts and our new eBook, we have been exploring all the different ways kids can learn through play.  While it might seem intimidating to some, there are several household items that inspire learning through play. 5 Household Items that Inspire […]

5 Household Items That Inspire Learning Through Play

These paper firecracker crafts are the perfect kids craft for the 4th of July. Could be used as party decor or just as a fun activity for the kids. These are set up for cake decoration. Could be a fun Independence day or Memorial Day table decor!
School is officially out, and if there is one thing I know, it’s that summer is about to go flying by! Every year it seems shorter and shorter. My baby is turning 3 soon and then next thing you know it will be the 4th of July! While brainstorming some […]

3D Paper Firecracker Craft

4th of July Deviled Eggs-using natural food dye you can make festive deviled eggs for any holiday! I used blue to make these blue eggs, but you can use other colors to match any party or celebration!
There is a signature side dish that no outdoor celebration can be without. They are made several different ways and have been done for years. I wanted to put a little twist on them for this year’s Independence Day celebrations. They are they 4th of July deviled eggs! The fun […]

4th of July Deviled Eggs

Motherhood is hard. Do you feel you fall short? Check out these 10 reasons you might be a better Mom than me! We all have our flaws, we have all been there.
All moms have self-doubt. I think it is built into our DNA. If you scroll through your social media feed it is pretty easy to start feeling like you aren’t doing enough. You see the other moms have it all together. I am exposing myself in the opposite way. I […]

10 Reasons You Might Be a Better Mom than Me

This floating flower sensory bin is a fun free toddler activity! From picking flowers to experimenting through play-based learning your kid will enjoy this outdoor activity!
I was playing around with ideas of what to do for this week’s prompt for the Undeniable Power of Play IG challenge. I was to use a plastic tub in some sort of way that inspired some play-based learning. V and I created this fun floating flower sensory bin. She […]

Floating Flower Sensory Bin – 3 Ways to Play

Unique Gifts for Dads-Finding the perfect gift idea for a father can be tricky. Whether it's Father's Day, his Birthday, or Christmas, you want to find the perfect present. Check out this roundup of fun gifts that the man in your life will love!
With father’s day coming up, I wanted to make sure that Hubby received something amazing.  The kids will make him a gift and he will love it.  But I want to get him a little bit more.  So naturally I went to the best place to find unique gifts for dads, […]

Unique Gifts for Dads ~ An Etsy Shop Roundup

Recycled grocery bag craft books. Fun for Father's Day gifts, Mother's Day gifts, birthdays, stories, scavenger hunts, nature walks, and more. A great activity for toddlers and big kids too!
I know we are barely past Mother’s Day, but if you blink Father’s day is right around the corner! I have this great recycled grocery sack craft that you can keep in your back pocket! These grocery sack paper bag books can really be used for anything! When you make […]

Recycled Grocery Sack Craft