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11 Amazing Castle Crafts that Kids Will Love To Make

Castle crafts are a fun and creative theme, perfect for boys and girls alike. From a classic stone castle to a bright pink princess castle. There are lots of ideas for kids to make, play in, or both!

Castle Crafts

Castle Crafts

These adorable castle crafts are so much fun to play in!

From a classic medieval castle to giant princess play castles. There is a fun kids’ craft for your kiddo.

We love that these craftivities can bring fairy tales to life and be used in groups or alone.

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When to create these castle ideas

Castles are a great craft to play with all year long. Here are some fun ways to use these simple projects.

  • Create them for a princess birthday party.
  • Have epic knight battles.
  • Paint up peg dolls to create an entire world for imaginary play.
  • Create working parts to work on mechanical skills.
  • Use them to clean out a recycle bin in a fun way.
  • Decorate a bedroom or playroom.

Our Favorite Craft Supplies

When creating these cute castle activities, you are probably going to want to stock up on some supplies.

These craft supplies are perfect for crafting with young kids. While not each of them is used in the crafts below, they are all staples in our craft bin. If you don’t have any on hand, that might be ok. Take a look at the craft first to see whether or not you need them.

  • Construction Paper – One of our favorite craft supplies.
  • Cardboard – Perfect for using up all those boxes you get in the mail!
  • Craft Sticks or popsicle sticks – A classic staple, use them in your craft or to mix paint.
  • Kid-Friendly paint – Kids love to get messy! Check out our favorite tips for painting with young children.
  • Googly Eyes – You can literally add them to any project and it instantly becomes cuter.
  • Tissue Paper – We always have this on hand. Buy it new or use or save it from birthday parties and holidays.
  • Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Rolls – A great way to recycle your paper tubes is to use them in crafts!
  • Paper Plates – Grab this party supply to create fun crafts.
  • Contact Paper – We use this a lot to create suncatcher crafts
  • Pipe Cleaners – Their bendy and hold their shape, which makes for some fun creating!
  • Coffee Filters – This inexpensive item is fun to create with.
  • Pom Poms – Fluffy and always fun.
  • Egg Cartons – Recycle these into fantastic crafts!
  • Puffy Paint – Makes great snow!!
  • Paper Bags – Using this recycled supply is a fun way to make puppets.

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Castle Arts and Crafts

These amazing castle ideas are great for kids to either make or play with. Or both!)

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