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How to make a spiral bracelet: forward knot friendship bracelet

Learn how to make a spiral bracelet with this video tutorial. Tweens, teens, and adults will love creating this type of string bracelet. Make this forward knot friendship bracelet as a gift or keep it for yourself!

Spiral Bracelet

This spiral bracelet pattern is a unique friendship bracelet pattern. Watch the video or follow the step-by-step instructions to learn how to make one.

Spiral Bracelet

Friendship bracelets are a great activity for kids of all ages.

They are a classic tween craft because you can make them in various colors or styles.

The spiral design uses a forward knot to create a string of twists that look kind of like spiral staircases. Which is why they are sometimes called the Chinese staircase friendship bracelet.

The bracelet in this tutorial has a beginner skill level. Once you have mastered it, try this candy stripe friendship bracelet or you can try making them with hemp!

You can use this bracelet craft in several ways.

  • Give them to your best friend.
  • Hang them from your backpacks
  • Use them as colorful gift wrap ribbons.
  • Pass them out as handmade Valentines.
  • Make them at a sleepover.
  • Create them during long car rides.
  • Braid them as a summer camp activity.

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Spiral Bracelet - Text reads "Bracelets - forward knot"

How many colors can be used?

You can use 1 color or two different colors for this string friendship bracelet. In our example, we used a color-shifting type of embroidery thread to give it a gradual color change.

Grab all the embroidery floss you need here!

Ways to secure string bracelets while you’re making them.

To get really good results, you want to make sure that the bracelet is secure while you’re creating the knots. Here are a few ideas for securing your thread.

  • Use a binder clip to secure it to a flat surface.
  • Place a pillow on your lap and safety pin the floss to the pillow.
  • Clip the string onto a clipboard.
  • Use masking tape to secure it to your work surface.

Knots used in this friendship bracelet

To create this bracelet you should be familiar with the forward knot.

If you are not comfortable with this technique, head over to our basic friendship bracelet knots tutorials. There you will learn 5 of the basic string knots including the backward knot and square knots.

Yield: 1

Forward Knot Friendship Bracelet

Spiral Bracelet

Using one simple knot, the forward knot, you can create this fun spiral friendship bracelet! Follow along with each detailed step to create a fun bracelet.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 2 strands of Embroidery Thread - one string a few inches longer than your wrist. One string at least 3X as long.


  • Clip or Tape, to hold strings in place.


  1. Tie the strings together and attach them to your work surface with a clip or tape. With the shorter string straight down begin making a forward knot with the long string. Begin by creating a number 4 on top of your base string.In progress spiral bracelet
  2. Pinch where the strings overlap and bring the long string under the base string.In progress spiral bracelet
  3. Pull through the loop in the 4.In progress spiral bracelet
  4. Tighten the knot.In progress spiral bracelet
  5. Then slide the knot all the way up, while holding the base string in place.In progress spiral bracelet
  6. Continue making forward knots. The knot string will continue moving more to the right, and even start to twist under your base string.In progress spiral bracelet
  7. At any time, wrap the knot string under the base string back to the left hand side.In progress spiral bracelet
  8. Continue your knots. You will see the knots creating the spiral pattern around the base string.In progress spiral bracelet
  9. You will get faster and faster with your forward knots while working on this easy friendship bracelet! In progress spiral bracelet
  10. Once the bracelet is long enough, take both strings together and tie a simple knot. In progress spiral bracelet
  11. Tie onto your wrist with a simple overhand knot or create an adjustable knot with this tutorial!Spiral Bracelet

More crafts for girls

  • First Bracelet – If this pattern is a bit difficult, try this twisted bracelet instead.
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  • Chevron Friendship Bracelet Pattern – coming soon!

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Spiral Bracelet - Forward knot friendship bracelet
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