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Easy Quilling Sun Craft for Kids to Make

This quilling sun is a fantastic construction paper craft for kids. This quilling method is perfect for little fingers and helps to build fine motor skills. Because the supplies are so simple, you can easily create this craft in a preschool classroom or at home.

Quilling Sun

We love an easy craft that sneaks important skill-building. Create this simple sun craft with your classroom or at your kitchen table.

paper sun. Text reads "quilled sun craft"

Suns are a fun craft theme that can be created all year round, though they tend to pop up in the summer.

This quilling technique was developed to make a beautiful art style more accessable for kids.

Children can use a craft stick to wrap their paper strips, which gives them more control.

Some other quilling crafts we’ve done are:

Another great thing about this simple craft is that it sneaks in cutting practice and fine motor skills.

Plus, these ant activities use simple craft supplies, like construction paper and craft sticks.

You can use this easy sun craft in several ways.

  • Decorate your classroom or playroom.
  • Practice simple shapes like triangles and circles.
  • Create them on cards to give to loved ones.
  • Create them at your local library to go with some fun sun books.
  • Use this craft during an space or seasons lesson plan.

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Why do we love crafting with construction paper?

Why do we love paper crafts? Because they secretly teach so many important skills for kids.

  • Fine motor skills
  • Cutting practice
  • Following instructions
  • Colors
  • Counting
  • and more!

If you’re looking for more ways to inspire your kids, check out our construction paper book!

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paper sun. Text reads "construction paper sun"

Tips for creating this sun paper art:

These suns are very simple. But here are some tips to help you along the way.

  • To speed up this craft, you can cut the paper strips ahead of time.
  • Pour a bit of glue onto a pallet that has been taped to the table. This will keep it from sliding around and keep the mess down.
  • The paper strip will pop open a bit when it’s placed down. That’s ok! If your child wishes that the paper strip looked tighter, have them place a second strip inside the first one.
Yield: 1 Sun

Paper Quilling Sun Craft

paper sun.

Learn basic paper quilling with this fun sun craft!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Medium


  • Paper - Yellow, Orange, & Blue.
  • White Glue


  • Paper Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Craft Sticks
  • Pallet


  1. Cut most of the orange and yellow paper into 1" paper strips. in process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  2. Leave about 4" to cut into triangles. You will want at least 6 triangles between the 2 process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  3. Take one paper strip and glue the ends together to create a circle process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  4. Place the circle on the background sheet of paper (in this case blue). Mark just inside of the circle with your process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  5. Start placing the triangles on the blue paper, covering the pencil process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  6. Continue placing the triangles all the way around the circle lines. in process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  7. Create a ring of glue then place the circle strip in the glue ring. Give it a little wiggle so that the glue is along the edges. in process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  8. Now we start our quilling! Grab a craft stick and strip of paper. Line one end of the paper strip along the side of the craft stick and pinch. Slowly roll the paper strip over the craft stick holding it process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  9. Continue wrapping the paper strip around the craft stick until the whole strip is wrapped process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  10. Slide the strip off and pinch the edges process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  11. Dunk the rolled paper into the white glue and place it within the circle section of your process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  12. Continue alternating between orange and yellow paper process image of a paper quilling sun craft
  13. You can add as many quilled strips as you like until you are happy with your finished sun!paper sun.

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