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How to make a Zipper Friendship Bracelet using 2 basic knots.

Learn how to make a zipper friendship bracelet with this video tutorial. Tweens, teens, and adults will love creating this unique type of friendship bracelet. Use these basic knots to create this amazing zipper friendship bracelet.

Zipper Friendship Bracelet

This zipper bracelet tutorial is a fun friendship bracelet pattern. Watch the video or follow the step-by-step instructions to learn how to make one.

zipper bracelet

Bracelets are a great craft for kids of all ages. They are perfect for tweens because they can make their own string bracelets and then give all the cute crafts to their friends.

This bracelet design uses the backward-forward knot along with the forward-backward knot to create a fun design.

The bracelet in this tutorial has a moderate skill level. Once you have mastered it, try this flower bracelet for more of a challenge.

You can use this bracelet craft in several ways.

  • Give them to a good friend.
  • Hang them from your backpacks
  • Use them as colorful gift wrap ribbons.
  • Pass them out as handmade Valentines.
  • Make them at a sleepover.
  • Create them during a summer road trip.
  • Braid them as a summer camp activity.
  • Make them during an elementary school class party

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Knots used in this friendship bracelet

To create this bracelet you should be familiar with the backward-forward knot and the forward backward knot.

If you are not comfortable with this technique, head over to our basic friendship bracelet knots tutorials. There you will learn 5 of the basic string knots including the backward knot and square knots.

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zipper bracelet - text reads "bracelets Backward Forward"

How many colors can be used?

This pattern uses 3 different colors. You can choose any colors you want to make this fun pattern.

The first time you create this bracelet, I suggest using different colors of thread. This way you can better see what you’re doing.

Grab all the colors of embroidery floss you need here!

Ways to secure string bracelets while you’re making them.

To get really good results, you want to make sure that the bracelet is secure while you’re creating the knots. Here are a few ideas for securing your thread.

  • Use a binder clip to secure it to a flat surface.
  • Place a pillow on your lap and safety pin the floss to the pillow.
  • Clip the string onto a clipboard.
  • Use masking tape to secure it to your work surface.
Yield: 1

Create a Forward Backward Knot Bracelet

Using 2 knots, forward knot and backward knot, you can create this coold zipper style friendship bracelet!

Active Time 25 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Medium


  • Embroidery Thread. You will need a total of 5 strings. One down the middle, this should be slightly longer than you want the finished bracelet. Then you want 2 of each string that you will be using for the colors of your bracelet. These should be at least 3x as long as the center string.


  • Clip or Tape. For holding down bracelet.


Set Up - Gather all 5 strings together, tie them, and then attach them to your work surface. You will have 2 strings of each color on either side of your center string.

  1. Start by creating a forward knot with the strings on the left side of the center. Just work with both strings at the same time. This just creates a thicker bracelet. Leaving your center string vertical lay your color over creating a number 4.
  2. Take the color string under the center string and up through the loop created by the number 4.
  3. Pull tight.
  4. Then slide the knot up the center string. Holding the center string tight.
  5. Now on the right side of the center take your string to create a backward knot. Do this by taking the color over the center making a backward 4.
  6. Pull the color under the center and up through the hole in the number 4.
  7. Pull tight. Slide up. *********There are 2 ways to create the second half of these knots. Decide which works best for you! Follow along with steps 8-14 or steps 15-22. You can try them both, but make sure to repeat steps 1-7 between!
  8. Now we are going to make a backward knot to the left of the center string. Do this by creating a backward knot (or 4) with the color left of center.
  9. Bring the colored string under the center and up through the loop.
  10. Pull tight off the left.
  11. Slide the knot up, holding the center string down.
  12. Now we will do a forward knot with the color to the right of the center. So make the 4 over the center string.
  13. Bring the color under the center and up through the hole in the 4.
  14. Pull tight and slide up. Repeat steps 1-7
  15. ***ALTERNATE Tutorial - Another way to create a backward knot to the left of the center is to take your number 4 under the center string.
  16. Bringing the string up over the center and through the loop in the 4.
  17. Then pulling tight.
  18. Slide knot up.
  19. To do a forward knot to the right of the center you create a backward 4 UNDER the center string.
  20. Bring the string over the center and through the loop.
  21. Pull Tight
  22. Slide knot up.
  23. Continue the same 4 knots. Until you have your desired length. This will keep your colors on their side of the center. It will weave the colors together in a cool zipper pattern!

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