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How to make a DIY pencil holder from plastic bottles

Create this fun and colorful DIY pencil holder using a plastic bottle and t-shirt yarn. Kids can give this recycled craft as a gift or use it on their own desks.

Create this fun and colorful recycled pencil holder using a plastic bottle and t-shirt yarn. Kids can give them as gifts or use them on their own desks.

Recycled Pencil Holder

Every once in a while, like almost every day, it rains here in Florida. That being said I’m often finding myself looking for something to do to keep the kids busy inside.

Buying a lot of crafting kits in the store can end up being very expensive. So I started looking through some really old crafting books, from like 1971 old. There were some unique ideas, but most of them were pretty dated.

This DIY pencil holder craft caught my attention. After a few tweaks, I was able to create one with J.

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How to make a recycled pencil holder using a plastic bottle and t-shirt yarn. #twitchetts

How to make t-shirt yarn

Check out our step-by-step instructions for making t-shirt yarn!

Tips for making a DIY pencil holder using a plastic bottle.

  • Make sure you choose a plastic bottle that is thin. A heavy-duty bottle will make this project pretty difficult. 
  • Toss a basket of old t-shirts to your child and let them choose the colors.
  • It might be fun to incorporate some of your child’s favorite shirts, giving the pencil holder some additional value.

How to make a pencil holder with a bottle

Below is our step-by-step tutorial for creating this recycled pencil holder. Feel free to print it for easy reference.

Yield: 1 Bottle

How to make a recycled pencil holder

How to make a recycled pencil holder using a plastic bottle and t-shirt yarn. #twitchetts

This recycled pencil holder makes a great kid-made gift or back to school craft.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes


  • Empty water bottle
  • T-Shirt Yarn


  • Scissors


  1. Start by carefully cutting down the side of your bottle. Leave about an inch at the bottom uncut. You want to end up with an odd number of strips.
  2. Tie off the end of your yarn and tuck it near the bottom of one of your cuts.
  3. Begin to weave in and out in and out around and around.
  4. Every few layers pushed down to tighten together.
  5. Keep going around the bottle. Switch colors as often as you want.
  6. Once you get about a half-inch from the top of the bottle, stop and tuck the end of the string down inside the bottle and through a couple of loops.
  7. Tuck the tabs into the t-shirt yarn to create an even top.


Tucking the top of the bottle may be a bit tricky for younger kids. Adult help may be needed.

More kids craft projects you will love!

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How to make a recycled pencil holder using a plastic bottle and t-shirt yarn. #twitchetts

Ways to adjust these cute pencil holders

Sometimes DIY projects need a little tweaking based on the supplies you have or the need. Swapping a little thing here or there is a great way to create your own DIY pencil holders. Mix and match these ideas to create a collection of colorful crafts that you can use to create a handmade desk organizer.

  • Instead of t-shirt yarn, use mod podge to wrap the bottle in unique scrapbook paper.
  • Replace the plastic bottles with mason jars or empty tin cans.
  • Use this easy craft as a DIY flower pot!

Our Favorite Craft Supplies.

The fastest way to make simple craft ideas difficult is to not have the right supplies. These craft supplies are perfect for crafting with kids.

While not each of them is used in the craft above, they are all staples in our craft bin. If you don’t have any on hand, that might be ok. Take a look at the project first to see whether or not you need them.

  • Construction Paper – One of our favorite craft supplies. These crafts are a great way to use up that stash of black paper.
  • Pipe Cleaners – This versatile craft supply holds its shape so it’s fun to play with afterward.
  • Craft Sticks or popsicle sticks – A classic staple, use them in your craft or to mix paint.
  • Kid-Friendly paint – Kids love to get messy! Check out our favorite tips for painting with young children.
  • Googly Eyes – You can literally add them to any project and it instantly becomes cuter.
  • Tissue Paper – We always have this on hand. Buy it new or use or save it from birthday parties and holidays.
  • Toilet Paper Rolls/Paper Towel Rolls – A great way to recycle your paper tubes is to use them in crafts!
  • Paper Plate – Grab this party supply to create fun crafts.
  • Contact Paper – We use this a lot to create suncatcher crafts
  • Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun – Great for projects that need that extra hold. Make sure you have plenty of glue sticks!

We really hope you add this simple project to your list of school supplies or make one for your craft room. They are so much fun and the best part is that it uses those materials that would have ended up in the trash.

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Christine Cox

Thursday 16th of October 2014

The t-shirt yarn is AWESOME!!!!

Twitchetts Blogspot

Thursday 16th of October 2014

I know! I never throw old shirts away anymore... You can use them for all sorts of crafts!

Wednesday 15th of October 2014

Oh, I love that! Such a cute, creative, frugal idea!! I'm sharing this post. :)

Twitchetts Blogspot

Thursday 16th of October 2014

Thank you! I'm all about being frugal, especially with kids crafts! Thanks for the sharing :)

Theresa A

Wednesday 15th of October 2014

That is such a creative and fun idea! I love the vibrant colors. I am pinning it to my Kids' Crafts board.

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