Every once in a while, like almost every day, it rains here in Florida. That being said I’m often finding myself looking for something to do to keep the kids busy inside. Buying a lot of crafting kits in the store can end up being very expensive. So I started looking through some really old crafting books, from like 1971 old. There were some unique ideas most of them were pretty dated so I made a few twists to this one for our craft for today.


What you will need…

An empty water bottle soda bottle juice bottle etc. (it needs to be thin plastic)
T-shirt yarn… If you have never made this before check it out here.
A mini disclaimer on the Coke bottle here…
It was purchased to clean the you erosion off my car battery. Lol
Start by carefully cutting down the side of your bottle.
Make sure to end with an odd amount of strips.
You need to find a bottle that is made from thin plastic.
The bottle on the right did not work for this project.
Tie off the end of your yarn, tuck it near the bottom of one of your cuts.
Begin to weave in and out in and out around and around.


Every few layers pushed down to tighten together.

Keep going and going. Switch colors if you like.


Once you get about a half inch from the top stop and tuck the end down inside. 

At this point the top edges will be folded down and tucked in the top ring.
This can be tricky. I used a pencil and helped J out quite a bit here.
I tucked it in over the top row some folded in and some folded out.
Which ever way made the top row even.
All done. Just add some pens, pencils, whatever you want!
I love doing simple crafts like this with the kids.
They are so proud of what they have made!
The best part about this craft was it cost me nothing!
Which is defiantly a

Score For MOM!

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