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10 awesome cardboard crafts for kids to make and play with

Create amazing cardboard crafts that kids will love to play with, share, and make. Take that pile of boxes and recycle them into something unique and fun.

Images of cardboard crafts. Text reads "Cardboard Box crafts"

Cardboard Crafts for Kids

An empty cardboard box is the perfect craft supply. It’s sturdy, easy to rip and manipulate, and inexpensive.

Plus, the possibilities are endless! You can build with them, paint on them, and play with them.

This collection of cardboard crafts includes crafts that kids can make and crafts that you can make for your kids to play with.

Nothing brings the imagination to life like a giant cardboard box. It’s in our list of favorite craft supplies, along with construction paper and pipe cleaners.

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Pin these things to make out of cardboard

Are you still brainstorming what to do with that pile of boxes? No worries, just pin this to your favorite craft board so you can find it easily.

Images of cardboard crafts. Text reads "Cardboard crafts"

Things to make out of cardboard

Gather all those Amazon boxes and let's make something fun!

More recycled box projects

Check back. We will have seasonal ideas for your box pile soon!

Inspire creativity

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