Well folks, I did it!  I finished my wall!  And I can’t stop looking at it!
It has everything I wanted.  Kind of random…
Full of pieces that mean something…
Thanks to all of you who have been following along from the beginning!  Can you believe that it all started with those mirrors?  Then came the hand prints.
Next, I did the wooden sign.
The next week I did the string art project.
The puzzle piece cross came next.
Finally, I wrapped an old frame.  I took the old picture, from the frame, and wrapped it in fabric.
Then I pinned some burlap and pictures.
This weekend I laid everything out on the floor and decided on the final layout.  Our living room rug was the perfect size to be my guide.
Once I had everything arranged, I started attaching Command Picture-Hanging Strips to the back of my pictures.  I wouldn’t do a gallery wall any other way.  All you have to do is set a level on top of your picture and press down.  Done!  No measuring where the nail should go.  No million holes in your wall.  No cursing because you picture won’t stay straight.
All but 2 of my pieces were hung with these strips.
I had almost everything hung before the babies started waking up from their nap.  Little Miss did get to help with the finishing touches.
So here it is again.  Weeks of work, but surprisingly little money.  I did splurge and buy new frames for our wedding picture and the kiddo’s pictures.  But other than that, everything was either created or already in my possession.
Thanks for following along!  If you missed any of the posts in this series, you can check them out here.

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I am so Inspired!! I will be using a lot of inspiration from this in V’s new room!