Did you guess the sneak peak from last week?
If you guessed hand print canvas art, you were right!!

For my wall project, I wanted to have something that the kiddos helped me make.  And since they’re 1 and 2, that only leaves a few options.  And what’s easier than hand prints?
Well, lots of things, but I went with hand prints anyways.
(doesn’t it kind of look like Little Miss stole Mr. Monster’s pinky? hee, hee)

This project is super easy.  After the paint dried, I was able to get all of it done, including pictures before Anna even made it to Elsa’s ice castle.
I started with some pretty basic supplies.  (scissors and tape not shown…oops)
I snagged these small square canvases a while back.  Another Target $1 bin clearance score.
First things first.  Get your handprints.  I’ve learned that less paint equals better hand prints…most of the time.  Have extra paper on hand, just in case.
After the hand prints dried, I lined them up on the canvas.


Then I started folding the paper around the canvas.
I wanted some really nice creases.
Next, I cut away the extra paper.
In the end, I just wanted a little bit past the last crease.  Then I taped the paper to the canvas.
To clean up the corners, I just took my scissors and snipped the flaps to a point.  Then I added a final piece of tape to keep everything in place.
Super easy and the kids had fun helping.


I’m excited to get these up on the new wall!

Next week I’m doing something fun with this bad boy.

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You can do new prints every year and keep the old ones stashed a way, watch them grow!!

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