You know how some years you hope and hope that you will get a gift, but you don’t think that you will.  I’m not sure if Hubby just played it off all season, or if it was a completely last minute gift, either way…I got that gift.

I first spotted them on a random trip to Hobby Lobby.  Hubby was even with me.  I pulled him into the isle, pointed to them and said “I want those for Christmas”. This was months before Christmas, so I sent him a reminder picture with just a few weeks to go.  He kept asking me what I wanted, and he’s an Amazon shopper, so I felt like they weren’t going to happen.
To my happy surprise, I got them.  All three.  And you know what that means?
It means I’m redoing my living room wall!  Project!!
This is currently what my wall looks like.  Blah.
When I first hung this collage, it was hanging over a bookshelf.  Then we learned that bookshelves were just baby jungle gyms, so we rearranged.  The wall has never looked right since.  I’ve just never gotten around to doing anything with it.  I’ve even let the pictures get crooked.
I didn’t realize just how bad they were until I took this picture…wow.
So now I’ve been sketching ideas since Christmas and I’ve been pinning like crazy.  I want this new arrangement to be kind of random, full of pieces that mean something and in COLOR!!  I’m not 100% sure why I was so afraid of color when I did the first arrangement.  Lesson learned.
I’m thinking the mirrors are a good starting point.
I’ve started working on some new pieces. The kids have even gotten in on the action.
During the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing these projects. (It’s Twitchett’s first project series!)
I’m planning to have everything up and photo worthy by the end of February.
Here’s a sneak peak of the project I’m sharing with you next week.

Stay tuned!

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I always like to have mirrors on my walls. Makes the room bigger!

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