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How to make a twisted friendship bracelet in 2 minutes

This twisted friendship bracelet can be whipped up in 2 minutes. It is just right for kids as young as preschool to all of their friends. Since it is so simple, it makes a fantastic first friendship bracelet for children.

Make your own Quick and Easy 2 Minute Twisted Bracelet with your kiddos. A perfect first bracelet design. Easy to put on and take off for toddler bracelets.

Twisted Friendship Bracelet

When I was younger I lived with friendship bracelets on. I would wear them on my wrists and ankles. They would bunch up under my tights when I dressed up (mom loved that). I would wear them in the shower, the lake, the pool, you name it they didn’t come off.

I remember riding in road trips with several colors of embroidery floss secured to a pillow with a safety pin.

Some friendship bracelets are pretty difficult with lots of repeat steps and basic knots. If you are looking for a more complicated pattern, check out this candy strip bracelet.

This twisted friendship bracelet has always been my favorite bracelet to make with younger kids. They are simple to master, quick to make, and easy to put on and take off. It’s an easy way to teach young kids how to make bracelets, without overwhelming them with difficult steps.

The best part? They are super quick to make. You don’t have to make them this quick, but with practice, this twisted bracelet can be made in under 2 minutes! You can even add beads to make it more of a charm bracelet.

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Image of friendship bracelet made with yarn. Text reads "Easy Friendship Bracelets-Crafts for kids"

Why we love yarn crafts

Yarn is a versitile and inexpensive craft supply. You can find it at any craft supply chain or even the Dollar Tree!

Plus, creating with yarn promotes:

  • fine motor skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • following instructions
  • teaches colors
  • practice counting
  • and more!

Because of all this skill-building. It’s great for younger children and crafting during school time. Plus a lot of the craft projects can be used afterward for playing, decorating, or sharing.

We have used yarn in this tutorial, but this friendship bracelet can also be made with embroidery thread too!

twisted bracelets using embroidery string

Tips for making this easy bracelet

  • Picking out the colors of string or yarn is going to take longer than actually creating the bracelet, so let your kids enjoy that process.
  • Using yarn is easier for younger kids to handle. If older kids are creating these twisted bracelets, they could easily use embroidery thread.
  • Play around with the length of string used. For younger kids, 18″ seems to be a good length.
  • Make sure you are using wood or plastic beads. NOT GLASS!
  • Stringing the beads through 3 strands of yarn can be a little hard for small fingers. Getting the yarn a little damp, or making a quick tape needle will help ease this process.
Yield: 1 Bracelet

How to make an easy twisted bracelet

2 Minute Twisted Bracelets

A super easy friendship bracelet for preschoolers. Don't miss the video tutorial to see all these steps in action.

Active Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Yarn or embroidery thread
  • Beads (optional)


  • Scissors


    1. Start by picking out some yarn and beads (optional). Cut 3 strands of yarn to the desired length. (approximately 18" for preschoolers).How to make twisted friendship bracelets-supplies
    2. Tie all three strands together at one end and tape it down to a flat surface.How to make twisted friendship bracelets-step 1
    3. Now take your group of strings and Twist!How to make twisted friendship bracelets-step 2
    4. Twist some more...How to make twisted friendship bracelets-step 3
    5. You want to keep twisting until your colors look like horizontal stripes.How to make twisted friendship bracelets-step 4
    6. If you want to add beads this is the time to do it. String them along the second half of the string.How to make twisted friendship bracelets-step 4 optional
    7. With one finger placed in the middle of your twisted yarn, fold the string in half.How to make twisted friendship bracelets-step 5
    8. Release the finger holding down the middle.How to make twisted friendship bracelets-step 6
    9. Lightly pinch the top and run your fingers down to straighten it out if it’s lumpy.How to make twisted friendship bracelets-step 7
    10. Tie together at the top and trim off the extra string.How to make twisted friendship bracelets-step 8
    11. To create the bracelet, put one finger in the folded end.How to make twisted friendship bracelets-step 9
    12. Then pull the knot through.How to make twisted friendship bracelets-step 10
    13. It will tighten on its own and stay together.How to make twisted friendship bracelets-complete

How to use this friendship bracelet pattern

Bracelets are great for all kinds of occasions!

  • Summer Camps
  • Add cross beads for a fun Sunday School Craft
  • Create them in your preschool or kindergarten classroom as gifts for kids to pass out.
  • Make them at a birthday party as an inexpensive and interactive party gift. (our favorite kind!)
  • They make fantastic hand-made gifts from kids. Perfect for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more!

More bracelet crafts you will love!

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Image of friendship bracelet made with yarn. Text reads "Friendship bracelet - 2-Minute Twist"

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