Happy Earth Day!!!

We are all about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling in our homes. We have shared quite a few Upcycled or Recycled crafts in our short stint of blogging so we wanted to recap and share them with you today!

All of these projects take minimal supplies. We are taking things you probably already have lying around the house, and making them cute or useful again.
First are these great little Card Boxes. This is a technique that we learned from our Grandma many years ago. Still one of our favorite ways to use up old greeting cards.
Instructions to make these UpCycled Card Boxes

You can freshen up any room in the house with these little gems. Reusing an old toilet paper tube for your starting point. These are safe to use in any room of the house… Including a nursery.

Instructions to make these Air Fresheners.


Everyone has an incomplete puzzle lying around. Why not give it some new life!!
Tips on making your own Puzzle Piece creation.


Made from an old T-shirt and soda bottle this Pencil Holder is a fun project to keep those kiddos busy!
DIY Recycled Pencil Holder


Jar lids and wire hangers go together to create these fun Garden Labels.
See the rest of the supplies for these Garden Labels.
Have you ever had to stop mid project… This is a great second use for those wipes containers. Perfect for saving those paints until tomorrow!
See more about the Paint Saver Palette,
We love to bring new life to something that we might normally toss. There will be many more of these types of projects to come.
Remember to practice your 3Rs!

Happy Crafting

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