It happens about 90% of the time.  I get my wine poured, I run a finger through my brush and I squeeze some paint out of the bottle.  Sometimes I can go a while without hearing a peep.  Sometimes I can only go 5 minutes.  One time, it literally happened as I was squeezing the paint out.  It’s as if there is a sensor in the nursery that alerts sleeping babies that wet paint is out and Mommy is about to get crafty.  And so they have to “sound the alarm”.  “Mooooooommmmmmyyyyyy!!!!”

I stumbled upon this little trick when I was making my puzzle piece cross and it was amazing!
I wasn’t even looking for something to save my paint in.  I was just looking for something that I could easily clean up…and preferably in the same room.  My eyes caught a glimps of one of these travel wipes boxes.  I have a bout a billion of them floating around the house.
I pulled out the 5, or so, wipes that had been in there since our last outing and starting squirting paint.
I was almost done with my first coat of paint, when the “alarm” went off.  By the time I got back to the table, I was done for the night.  But here were all these blobs of paint, barely touched.
So I closed the lid.
The next day, during nap time, I opened the box up.  I was pretty much just expecting to clean the thing out and start over.  But, to my surprise, the paint was still wet!  There was a very thin film over the top, but completely useable!  I gave it a quick swirl and was painting in no time.
When the naps ended, I only had a little bit left of my project.  I had used up the paint from the night before, but I had also squirted more onto my new “palette”.
By bedtime, the paint was still as good as new.
So all you mommas out there, grab a travel wipes container out of your purse, and get to crafting!  Don’t worry if they sound the “alarm”, just close the lid for later!
I love happy accidents!!


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This is a life savor!  If you added a damp paper towel it could last a few days!

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