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V’s Room

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My baby girl is now one and teetering into being a toddler.  Her cute unisex (we didn’t learn baby V’s gender) nursery needed an update.  My sister mentioned using some of the decorations from her birthday party. She had a great point!  They really didn’t cost much, but I Loved how they turned out.  So we played around a little and now my sweet baby girl… excuse me toddler, has a cute more girly room.  I have never been that girly, but I have caved to the pink. As a mom you learn to pick your battles.

If you haven’t visited our blog before make sure to check out the Pearls & Lace post from V’s 1st Birthday. Almost everything you see here was created or used to decorate for that party.

First off we have a few paper flowers with pearls.
I hung them in the corner above her crib.
Of course, out of the little ones reach.
I put lace and pearls on top of her bookshelf.
Next we have the “V”. My favorite take away from the party.
It gives her room the personalized touch I was looking for.

 To make your own Giant letter like this is simple.
Use cardboard to cut out your letter.
Paint the whole letter a base color, then Modge Podge on Doilies!

Of course the room wouldn’t be complete without some cute baby pictures.
All of the newborn photos from the bookshelf and these on the wall were taken by Tiffany Morahan.

A few Tips & Tricks…

On the rocking chair I add a couple of baby socks.
When the chair hits the wall it takes away the Bang, not to mention the marks…
A quick hanger over the corner of the door is easy to take on and off.
It keeps them from slamming any fingers or getting stuck in their room.

All in all I love how her room turned out, although this is what it looks like most of the time!

We will be moving later this month (Army Life), I don’t think the flowers will make it.

Just gives me another excuse to decorate!



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Too bad you hadn’t started the hanger trick when we came to visit!!  Lol.