We both love Halloween! It is one of our favorite holidays. Between the two of us, the pumpkins are carved, the seeds get baked, and some homemade costumes are sure to be made! The one downside to Halloween is a basket full of candy in a mostly organic house.  But you can’t have Halloween without Trick Or Treating!!!  Enter The Switch Witch!Switch Witch Poem. A fun Halloween tradition to help with the giant piles of candy from Trick Or Treating

Susie stumbled upon this little gem last year, just a smidge too late to help her with the giant haul that J came home with.
The Switch Witch exchanges your child’s candy for a new toy.
There are a few versions of a poem on Pinterest, but none of them felt right.  Either the cat was naughty (we didn’t want to reward a naughty cat), the witch snuck into the child’s room (creepy!), or it was written for a kid with allergies (cute, but doesn’t apply our kiddos).  So we put our heads together and came up with a poem of our own.

Our Switch Witch PoemSwitch Witch Poem. A fun Halloween tradition to help with the giant piles of candy from Trick Or Treating

Now we just needed a fun place for the kids to leave their candy and the Switch Witch to leave her toys.  Enter the baskets…

Susie’s Switch Witch Basket…

I found so many cute supplies at Micheals.
Plus I had a 25% off everything coupon and all of their decorations were on sale.
Including the basket, I only spent about $15.
Since I will be using this basket for years, I consider that a steal!
The basket turned out great!

Kate’s Switch Witch Basket…

I used a basket that I had on hand.
It was one of the million that I found at the Dollar Tree a year or so ago.
 Next, I raided the Halloween aisle at Hobby Lobby for decorations.
Don’t you just love that hat!
No matter how you do it, this tradition is not only fun but good for the kids. There is no need for a kid to have that much candy. Let them have a few pieces and then give the rest to the Switch Witch! If you are worried about wasting all of that candy here are a few options.

What to do with all that candy!

~ Take it to work.
~ Donate it.  Cool Mom Picks has a great list of places you can donate your candy.
~ Keep a private stash in your dresser drawer.
~Save some for decorating gingerbread houses!
We’re super excited to start our new tradition.
Will the Switch Witch be making a stop at your house this year?

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