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How to make a Construction Paper Snake Craft: A primary colors activity

This construction paper snake craft is the perfect activity for teaching kids about primary colors. It uses simple craft supplies and is super easy, which makes it great for the classroom or crafting at home.

Construction Paper Snake Craft

A simple snake craft is great for kids of all ages. Especially preschool and kindergarten.

This craft combines two of our favorite craft supplies; construction paper and pipe cleaners.

Plus, it teaches about primary colors. Which makes it great for sneaking in some play-based learning. Which we love!

Primary Colored Paper Snake. Text Reads: "Primary Paper Snake"

Like many of our projects, this is an easy craft that we’ve snuck some fine motor skill-building into.

You can use these paper snakes for a variety of reasons. They are perfect for playing with and imaginative play.

  • Make a super long snake and decorate your classroom.
  • Simple party favors
  • Attach them to gift wrap.
  • Use them in a puppet show.

Why do we love crafting with construction paper?

Why do we love paper crafts? Because they secretly teach so many important skills for kids.

  • Fine motor skills
  • Cutting practice
  • Following instructions
  • Colors
  • Counting
  • and more!

If you’re looking for more ways to inspire your kids, check out our construction paper book!

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Primary Colored Paper Snake. Text Reads: "Primary Colors Craft - Snake"

Tips for creating this preschool color craft:

These snakes are very simple. But here are some tips to help you along the way.

  • You can make a smaller version of this snake using one pipe cleaner and only 3 strips of paper.
  • Don’t have pipe cleaners, try using yarn instead.
  • Mix up the colors. Add secondary colors or let your kids pick the colors they want.
  • If you are crafting with a large group, try cutting the pieces ahead of time. Or cut them into strips and let the kids cut them into smaller pieces.
Yield: 1

Primary Color Paper Snakes

Primary Colored Paper Snake

These fun paper snakes wiggle just like the real thing! This craft combines working on fine motor skills with the fun of working with primary colors.

Active Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy



  1. Take each strip of paper and fold it accordion style.In process picture of a construction paper snake craft
  2. Pick one strip to leave the last part unfolded. Later this will be your snake's head. In process picture of a construction paper snake craft
  3. Punch a hole in the center of each folded strip. Make sure that you do not punch a hole through the one unfolded end (the head)In process picture of a construction paper snake craft
  4. Add a small red paper strip for a tongue and eyes using a marker to your snake's head.In process picture of a construction paper snake craft
  5. Twist the ends of your 2 pipe cleaners together to create an extra-long pipe cleaner.In process picture of a construction paper snake craft
  6. Starting with the head, begin adding the paper strips to the pipe cleaner. Secure the end of the pipe cleaner to the underside of the head using a piece of tape. In process picture of a construction paper snake craft
  7. Continue adding your paper strips securing them together with a glue stick. In process picture of a construction paper snake craft
  8. When you get to the last paper strip use the pipe cleaner to pinch the end. In process picture of a construction paper snake craft
  9. Now you can bend and twist your snake to play or attach to anything!Primary Colored Paper Snake

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Primary Colored Paper Snake. Text Reads: "Preschool Craft - Snakes"

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