Crafting with a toddler can be tricky.  There’s the lack of attention span, the limitations in their motor skills and the mess.  But I love watching the creativity coming from Little Miss.  She’s been bringing home some amazing art from school.  I knew I needed to be spending more time crafting with her.

I ran into pretty much all of the above issues.  But it was worth it.
I started by raiding my craft supplies for whatever I thought we may use.
We started by cutting the tubes.  She really wanted to help with this step…but the kid scissors that I had were actually my childhood scissors…so that was a fail.  She reluctantly let me do the cutting.
I cut across the tube the long way.  Then I cut the rings in varying widths.  I wasn’t sure what size she would want, so I wanted to give her choices.
Then I poked holes on either end of the strips and connected them with some yarn.
To easily make holes, use a click pen.  With the tip still up, press the pen down where you want your hole to be.  Apply pressure while your click your pen.  Don’t forget to do this on a protected surface.  I had some thick place mats protecting my table.
If you’re  having issues stringing the yarn through small holes, wrap a piece of tape around the end of the string.  Sometimes I even cut the tape to a point.
I provided pens, stickers, and brads to decorate the bracelets.  Little Miss fell in love with the brads.
I couldn’t believe how long she played with them.
After spending about 20 minutes with the brads…she finally remembered that we had made bracelets!
In the end, the best part about this craft was that I got to work with Little Miss as we made them together.  I’m not intending that they last more than a week, but the skills she’s learning now are amazing!  Here’s the one she made for me.
She told me that the big one with sparkles was the Mommy and the two smaller ones were the babies.
Heart officially melted.
Do you craft with your toddlers?  What are some of the things you have created?

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