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How to make a turkey puppet

This easy turkey puppet craft is perfect for your Thanksgiving celebration. Your kids can create this puppet on a stick and then play. Which is our favorite kind of craft!Create an easy paper turkey puppet craft with these step by step instructions

Turkey Puppet

During the Thanksgiving holiday, we create loads of fun turkey crafts. What I love about this turkey puppet is how easy it is to play with afterward.

Kids can craft this turkey and then put on a fun Thanksgiving puppet show or place the sticks into a decorative vase for a fun Thanksgiving centerpiece.

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If you can’t make this paper turkey now, pin it to your kids’ crafts ideas board on Pinterest and it’ll be here for when you’re ready.Grab the turkey template and create this fun turkey puppet on a stick. Perfect for Thanksgiving crafting. #twitchetts

Tips for making this puppet on a stick

  • Make sure your kids hold down the feathers to the count of 10. This will give the glue time to set a bit and prevent the feathers from slipping too much.
  • If you are working with young kids, you may want to cut the small pieces out first.
  • Don’t have googly eyes? Just draw on some fun eyes or use white paper.

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How to make turkey craft stick puppets

Below is our step by step tutorial for creating this turkey puppet craft. Feel free to print it for easy reference.

Yield: 1 Turkey

How to make a turkey puppet

How to make a turkey puppet with paper #twitchetts

Grab the turkey template and create this fun Thanksgiving puppet!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy



  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  1. Trace and cut out the paper pieces from the provided template.
  2. Attach the wattle onto the head and attach the legs at the bottom.
  3. Add the beak onto the face by overlapping the top end of the wattle a little. Also, attach the googly eyes.
  4. Flip the paper turkey to its wrong side. Grab some colored craft feathers and attach them on the backside of the paper turkey. Make sure that the feathers are visible from the front side of the turkey. Mix and match different colored feathers to make a fun pattern. 
  5. Attach the wing cutouts on both sides of the turkey body part.
  6. Finally, attach the paper turkey onto a craft stick.How to make a turkey puppet with paper #twitchetts

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When to make this Thanksgiving turkey craft

Sometimes you see a craft and think, oh that’s cute! But then you don’t know when you will make it. Here are some ideas for this fun art project!

  • Let your kids create the puppet and then plan a fun puppet show.
  • Use the stick to put the turkey into a vase. Perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.
  • Skip the stick and use this paper turkey to decorate your classroom or playroom.
  • Or, write names on them to make cute Thanksgiving place setting cards.

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