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How to make giant rainbow paper flowers

Rainbow crafts are so pretty and cheerful! We couldn’t help making these lovely giant rainbow paper flowers and add them to our collection of paper flowers for kids!How to make giant rainbow paper flower craft with kids #twitchetts

Giant Rainbow Paper Flowers

We love these simple flower crafts using only a few supplies! This 3D giant rainbow paper flower craft is perfect as a group activity and would look amazing on a classroom bulletin board, don’t you think? The perfect way to bring a piece of spring inside!

Added bonus, this easy rainbow craft can help to teach about all the colors of the rainbow!

These will look lovely with our paper sunflowers!

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Supplies for 3D Paper Flowers

  • Construction Paper (Black and Rainbow Colors)
  • White Cardstock
  • Giant Hole Punch
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue Stick
  • Paper Cutter or Scissors

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How to Make Giant 3D Rainbow Paper Flowers

Cut 1″ (or wider) paper strips in rainbow colors and an additional green paper strip for a flower stem. giant rainbow flower craft for kids

Using a giant hole punch, cut a circle from black construction paper. We used a 1.25″ circle puncher. It’s important for the circle to be wider than the paper strips. giant rainbow flower craft for kids

 Align the paper strips and punch holes on both sides. On 2nd the green paper strip punch only one hole for the top part where it connects with the petals. Punch a hole in the middle of the black circle as paper rainbow flower craft

Place the black circle on top of the stacked rainbow strips and thread a pipe cleaner through. Flip the flower over and thread through the second hole to form the flower petals.rainbow flower craft for spring

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Add the green paper strip for a stem. Coil the pipe cleaner on top of the black circle. Flip and secure the pipe cleaner on the back of the flower. Cut any extra pipe cleaner using scissors. simple rainbow flower to make with kids

Place a piece of white construction paper on the table. Apply glue to the back of the stem. Glue it onto the white paper.

Fold the bottom of the green paper strip, apply glue, and glue to the paper. This will form a leaf. Separate and arrange rainbow paper strips to form a flower head. 3d rainbow flower craft


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How to make giant rainbow paper flower craft with kids #twitchetts