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How to make an easy paper daisy using rainbow colors!

We shared many paper flower crafts for kids before and now we prepared super easy paper daisy craft for you. A little different from standard daisies because our daisies are in all the colors of the rainbow! How to make an easy paper daisy in rainbow colors #Twitchetts

Paper Daisy

Adding rainbow colors to plain daisy flower makes this humble flower all dressed up and ready to greet Spring.

Walk around with this paper daisy in your hand (or your hat) on St.Patrick’s Day, or to be given with love on Mother’s Day!

Don’t stop at one, make a whole bouquet of these colorful and easy rainbow paper daisies!

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Supplies Needed to Make Rainbow Daisies with Kids

  • Construction Paper (Rainbow Colors)
  • Paper Cutter
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors

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How To Make Easy Rainbow Paper Flowers

Start by cutting construction paper into 0.5-inch strips. Make at least one strip from each color of the rainbow. easy rainbow daisy craft to make with kids #Twitchetts

Stack all the paper strips and align them. Cut them in half. You can make 2 flowers from one paper strip length. simple daisy craft for kids #Twitchetts

Stack and align paper strips again. Punch holes on each end of the strips. make rainbow daisies to make beginning of spring season #Twitchetts

Fold a pipe cleaner in half. Make a little piece in the middle flat. This will help us to stop paper strips from sliding off paper cleaner. lovely and easy to make daisy flowers #Twittchets

Push the pipe cleaner through one of the holes of each of the paper strips. Follow the order of the colors on the rainbow. diaisies in rainbow colors for spring #Twitchetts

Now thread the pipe cleaner through the second hole. Reverse the order and start with last paper strip you added. Repeat with all paper strips. simple flower craft for kids to make in spring #Twitchetts

Fold the pipe cleaner into a circle to form a center of the flower. This will also help keep paper strips in place.rainbow daisy craft for st.patricks day #Twitchetts

To finish these rainbow paper daisies, spread the petals and arrange them with approximately similar space inbetween.  mark the beginning of spring with rainbow daisies craft #Twitchetts


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