Looking for a super easy Sunday School Easter craft? This sunset scene with the 3 crosses on Mount Calvary is a perfect way for your kids to work on their scissor skills while creating a fun religious Easter craft for kids. Super Simple Sunday School Easter Craft for Kids with 3 Crosses #Twitchetts

Sunday School Easter Craft

We love simple crafts which can apply to different age groups, from preschoolers to elementary age children. This easy Sunday school Easter craft is one of those activities.

There is a lot of cutting and tracing involved which makes this craft perfect for kids who need to work on their fine motor skills.

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Supplies for a Religious Easter Craft for Kids

  • Construction Paper (Black and Sunset Colors)
  • White Scrapbook Paper (Scrap)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Stick Glue

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How to make this easy Easter craft

Start by outlining a cross shape onto a white paper scrap. Cut it out and put aside for later. easy Easter craft for kids

Stack papers in sunset colors and cut out paper strips freehand (yellow, red, orange, pink). simple Christian craft for kids

Repeat the same with blue hue papers and cut out several paper strips of each color. sunday school easter craft

Place black construction paper on the table and start gluing paper strips to create a sunset background. sunset craft for kids

Use the cross template you created earlier to outline and cut out crosses from black construction paper. We need 3 crosses. You can make the cross in the middle a bit larger than the other two.simple Christian cross craft for kids

Cut out a piece of black paper to use as the mountain on the bottom of the sunset scene. Glue it and the 3 crosses on top of the mount. easy religious easter craft

Your Sunday school Easter craft is finished! Super simple and easy to make, wouldn’t you agree?

Watch us make Sunset Easter craft in our video!


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Sunset Scene on Mt.Calvary with 3 Crosses for Easter Sunday School #Twitchetts

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