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How to make a simple paper sunflower

We are adding this lovely giant paper sunflower to our paper flowers for kids collection! Sunflowers always make us happy with their large heads following the sun throughout the day! This simple craft is perfect for preschoolers and older kids.Make giant paper sunflowers with kids this spring to welcome summer #Twitchetts

Giant Paper Sunflower

Even during the Spring season, make a few of these lovely giant paper sunflower to welcome and speed up the coming of Summer! We adore these bright flowers and love seeing fields full of blooming sunflowers! How about you?

Fun paper flowers you don’t want to miss!

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Supplies for Giant Paper Sunflowers

  • Construction Paper, Yellow
  • Pipe Cleaners, Green and Brown
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Paper Cutter

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How to make these construction paper sunflowers for kids

Cut yellow construction paper into strips using a paper cutter. Make the paper strips in different widths. simple craft project for kids giant paper sunflowers #twichetts

We cut few 0.75 inches wide and some 0.5 inches wide. It’s important that the paper strips are wide enough to punch a hole using paper puncher. construction paper sunflower to make with kids #twitchetts

Pick some paper strips that are the same width, stack, and align them. Punch holes on both sides. giant sunflower craft for kids for spring and summer #twitchetts

Take a brown pipe cleaner, fold 1/3, and flatten a little piece to create a stopper for the paper strips. easy sunflower craft for preschoolers #twitchetts

Pick one of the wider paper strips, fold to connect the ends, and slide the pipe cleaner through both holes. Repeat with other paper strips. Note: we are adding paper strips on the longer part of the pipe cleaner.simple paper sunflower craft to make with kids this spring #twitchetts

For the center of the sunflower, we want petals to be a bit shorter. If needed, shorten a few strips with scissors and punch holes again. Thread on the pipe cleaner, the same way we did with wide and long yellow strips before. lovely giant sunflower made from paper #twitchetts

When you add all the paper strips, use a brown pipe cleaner to create the center of the sunflower. Coil it into a circle while pressing the center.easy sunflower craft for kids perfect for summer #twitchetts

Flip your sunflower over to add and secure a green pipe cleaner on the back. This will be the stem. construction paper giant sunflower craft for kids #twitchetts

Arrange petals a bit if needed. And, you are finished. You have made a lovely giant paper sunflower! Pretty, isn’t it? diy sunflower craft from consturction paper #twitchetts


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How to make simple giant paper sunflowers with kids #Twitchetts


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