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6 Fun Spring Crafts ~ From Easter Eggs to Flowers

Do you know how I know when the spring crafts season has begun?  The kids start wanting to go outside.  I love watching Little Miss squat down and point out the bits of green popping up in the garden.  This year she’s showing Mr Monster; because now that she’s three, she’s an expert.

6 Fun Spring Crafts. Eggs for Easter and Flower craft tutorials. Includes easter eggs, coloring pages, pressed flowers, foil flowers, doily roses, and coffee filter flowers

We have done quite a few fun spring crafts.  Some are old and some are new, all are fun.  When I think of spring, my  mind goes straight to two things.  Easter and Flowers.

Spring Crafts

One of our more popular posts, last year, was our Easy Natural Easter Eggs.  Simple to make and safe to eat.  Little Miss loved playing around with making new colors.  And watching her little face light up when the eggs changed from a pink to a beautiful blue was priceless!

Naturally dyed Easter eggs. Beautiful spring colors created with natural ingredients. Quick and Easy instructions. Great for kiddos

If you’re looking for something quick to do with your little one, you should check out these fun Mommy and Me Easter Egg Coloring pages.  One is a simple design, perfect for the little ones.  The other page is a more intricate design, perfect for the older kids or you!

Grab these Easter Egg Coloring Pages. This is the perfect activity for you and your kids. Print off these FREE pages as many times as you like!


I love pressing flowers.  There’s no better way to preserve spring all year long than to frame some flowers.  This Pressed Flower tutorial walks you through the process, step by step.  So you end up with beautiful flowers that you can hang anywhere in your house!

Pressed Flower

We just posted these Mini Coffee Filter flowers this week, but they are too beautiful to not make the cut.  They are perfect to add your your Mother’s Day cards.

Coffee Filter Flowers


These soft and beautiful Doily Flowers are so much easier than they look.  I’m going to make a bunch and put them in a clear bowl on my mantel.

Rose Bud Doily

Flowers don’t always have to be light and pastel.  Check out these great, bold and beautiful Foil Flowers that J made last year!  Another fun option to add to your Mother’s day cards!

Foil Flower

What kind of Spring projects do you like to do?

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