Pressed flowers are fun activities for kids.  They can collect the flower, press the flowers, and arrange the flowers.  It’s a fun spring activity for kids that has been around for ages.Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission.  Thank you for supporting Twitchetts!

We are nearing our move and I’m finding myself looking for pieces of Florida to bring with us. I, of course, have tons of seashells, pictures of palm trees, and air plants, but I still wanted something more. While flipping through my vintage art books I saw a chapter on pressed flowers and I was hooked. So I started right away.

How to make your pressed flowers

First, gather some flowers. Grab some paper towels and heavy books.  Lay out your flowers on two layers of paper towels and press them in place.
Next, place two more layers of paper towels and smash them in the book.Weigh them down with whatever you have around and put them out of the way for a few weeks. (These are those vintage art books)
After you have waited at least 2 weeks gently open the books and pull out the paper towels.
I have to admit, they looked better than I had hoped.  I picked many different kinds, shapes, and sizes not knowing how they would press.Some held their color better than others.Next just play around with your layouts.  I moved mine around quite a bit deciding which flowers I liked etc.  When you have a good idea of what you like, open your frames and place them directly on the glass.Then place paper and layer in extra padding (magazine pages) to make it nice and tight when you close it.Then check out your creation!! 
I can’t wait to pick out some flowers from Kentucky!
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