I received an email from another students parent at school, J’s teachers birthday was coming up. Since we were leaving I wasn’t going to go out and buy something for her,  but I thought we could make a card with some ‘effort’ instead of just crayons and paper. I had seen something on instagram where a mom had let her daughter draw on foil with permanent markers… I was weary, permanent marker and kids can equal ahhhhh… The effect it created was cool, was it worth the risk? I had an amazing idea in mind so we went for it!!

These were all made by my 6 year old son! Aren’t they amazing!! You will see through the post that they shimmer and bounce the light so well. It was hard to take the pictures to get the full effect, but they were beautiful!

Here’s What You Need…

Foil… Cut into squares. I used 3″x 3″ but any size can be used.
Permanent markers… Yes they have to be ppermanent Just keep a close eye.
I used quilling strips for the stems. Really you could use construction paper etc.
Start by coloring the square with 2 different colors.
One will be the inside one for the outside.
Next fold into a triangle.
Trim any edges.
Follow the picture for the next folds.
None of them have to be too perfect. All flowers are different.
Add a stem and your Done!
We made 5 for our card. These are the ones J made.
This was his bouquet. We decided to make a quick flower pot for the card.
The pot was made from a colored piece of foil as well.
This is such a fun project. The results are beautiful! His teacher sent me a nice email thanking me for making her the card. When I explained J made it she was very impressed.
I love a craft that a child can be that proud of!!

I hope you give them a Try!

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Very cute!  Tell J he did an amazing job…hopefully he remembers next year, I know a certain Aunt who would love such a beautiful card!