We have prepped for our Minecraft party and served up our Minecraft food, now it was time for the main event… I will admit I have a few hours of MINECRAFT under my belt and from the start, I knew exactly what I wanted the MINECRAFT Party Activity to be. A real life Minecraft game! Bring the exciting game of Minecraft to life with this fun party activity. This birthday party activity will make your gamer's birthday memorable.

 After a lot of MINECRAFT Crafting, I had all of the props necessary to pull off this epic Minecraft party activity.
If your kiddos play the game, but you aren’t too familiar with how it works, you have to accomplish W, X, & Y to get to Z…. Makes sense right?
The whole mission is for the kids to get a MINECRAFT Sword to Kill some Spiders to win souvenirs.
Just like in the beginning of the game they start with nothing. They must collect a piece of wood from the decorations.
I had a few of these trees around the house. The tops were green tissue paper.
 At the crafting table (which my Man took care of) they received their pickaxe.
Using their Pickaxe they go out in search of some coal. You can place this as decor anywhere in your house. (I had some on the sides of my cupboards)
With their piece of coal, they return to the crafting table to get their torches.
With their torches in hand, they head off into the mine to find some ore.
I set up my mine in the garage, any room that can get nice and dark will work. I used cardboard and extra paint from making my blocks to section off an area right inside the door. I added the different ores randomly along the wall.
I also added an Endermen just for fun.
With their torches in hand, they couldn’t tell which ore they had until they came out of the dark.
They returned to the crafting table with their ores and received their swords.
  Now onto the final step to this Minecraft party activity. Getting their prizes!!
The spiders were black balloons with red tape for eyes and crepe paper legs.
 Inside each balloon was a MINECRAFT Bracelet. (it was interesting getting them in there, but possible!)
We had the spiders everywhere around the house and the boys went crazy on them!
My house was covered in spider legs within seconds!!
From start to finish the boys loved every second! They all got to keep their Pickaxe, Torch, Sword, and Bracelets. They were even shoving blocks from the walls under their arms on the way out the door! (Less clean up for me)
It was a major success… Worth every minute I spent tracing, cutting, painting… J will always remember this birthday. His friends will too!

Check out more details from the party!

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This party was Fantastic!!  The game was by far the best part.  We’ll be talking about it for years to come!