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MINECRAFT Munchies ~ Snacks, Desserts, a MINECRAFT Cake & More

What’s a Minecraft party without Minecraft party food? And what’s a MINECRAFT party without blocks? Our party was in the late afternoon so I decided on munchies and dessert. I wanted everything to go along with the pixel/block theme.The best ideas from desserts to snacks for your Minecraft birthday themed party.


Everything that the kiddos ate was cut into cute little blocks. I have to credit Grandma K and Aunt Kate for helping out with these… My Man’s prime rib dinner and a few glasses of wine assisted with the persuasion.

Minecraft Party Food – Munchies



Meat & Cheese

The best ideas from desserts to snacks for your Minecraft birthday themed party.Ham & Cheddar


The best ideas from desserts to snacks for your Minecraft birthday themed party.Carrots & Cucumbers


The best ideas from desserts to snacks for your Minecraft birthday themed party.Pineapple & Cantaloupe

To get all of these foods into these cute little cubes did take some time…

A few quick tips.
I bought cheese sticks from the store and cut them to a cube shape. Everything else we cut to that size.
At the deli she took a cheese stick to match thickness to a slice of ham, this made it easier to cube the correct size.
For the veggies, just peel to square edges and cube.
We did end up with some scraps, I just saved them and used later on top of a few salads.

Minecraft Party Food – Dessert

Keeping with the block theme I decided to make individual desserts and a mini MINECRAFT cake for J to have candles on. You have to have candles to blow out on your birthday!!
I wanted the kiddos to have an option so we went with these two.

Dirt aka Chocolate

These started with a brownie bite at the bottom,
a layer of homemade chocolate pudding (Martha’s instructions here),
and topped with crushed cream-filled organic chocolate cookies, cream removed prior to crushing. (Using a knife… not your tongue.)

Sand aka Vanilla

These started with a yellow cake bite at the bottom
and then a layer of homemade vanilla pudding (Martha’s instructions here),
and topped with crushed cream-filled organic vanilla cookies, cream removed prior to crushing.
(Again, fight the temptation and use a knife… Not Your Tongue!)
***Side note, the homemade pudding was easy to make and sooooo good!!!


In MINECRAFT you can make a cake.
In the game, you need milk, wheat, sugar, and an egg. Now that’s my type of cake! Sounds like a pretty clean list of ingredients to me 🙂
Anyways, I did cheat a little (hey I had a lot on my plate) I bought a Trader Joe box cake mix. Made it in a square pan per the instructions.
It puffed up in the middle, but I cut it and placed them opposite so when stacked it made a perfect cube.
I made some homemade vanilla frosting (this is the Best recipe ever)
Then I cut out some red squares. This was necessary to make it look just like the cake on MINECRAFT…
I didn’t let J eat the squares, they were edible, but that’s a matter of opinion…

Minecraft Party food – Beverages

A final touch on the table was a quick and easy addition.
When you buy your cups get the ‘coffee’ cups. This way they are easier to color on faces with a sharpie marker.
Simply cut out a pattern on one cup…
Put it over another cup…
Color it in…

Ta Da!! This one can be done while relaxing on the couch!

This party was so much fun for everyone! Check out all the details of our Minecraft Birthday Party

Shawna Osorio

Saturday 9th of December 2017

We did a Minecraft theme for my nephew and as one of the party games we purchased "gems" from a party store and put it inside grey balloons. With a foam pick axe (slightly altered with a toothpick on the tip) the kids could "mine" different ones and collect the "diamonds" and "iron" that was inside. They then went to a "work bench" and "combined" what they had mined into prizes.


Wednesday 13th of December 2017

That sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

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Natasha Hanneman

Thursday 12th of March 2015

Wow, that is super cute and super dedication. You go momma!

Tricia Goodmama

Thursday 12th of March 2015

My son is only 19 months so I'm totally out of the loop on the mine craft stuff. Apparently everyone is really into it now though! I love all of your ideas. The cubed food is so cute.

Twitchetts Blogspot

Friday 13th of March 2015

It is ALL the kids in 1st grade talk about... It really is a cool game!