With my two little ones, my meals need to be simple and quick.  Some meals I prep for the night before.  Sometimes I throw things in the crock pot.  And other nights, I make a simple throw together meals.  This Stir Fry is one of my go to, throw together meal.
It’s quick, tasty, and is loaded with veggies.

The is most definitely a Food Muse, so make it your own.  
All I do is cut up veggies and throw them in a pan.  
Sometimes I open a can of baby carrots…cause I kind of have an obsession with baby carrots.
Then I add some of my baked chicken.  
I used to use soy sauce, but organic soy sauce is a touch on the pricey side.  
We’ve switched to Bragg Liquid Aminos…and never looked back.
Finally I add my new “secret ingredient”.
I actually have to credit Hubby for this one.  A while back, I sent him to the store to pick up something for dinner.  He came home with this soup and whipped up a stir-fry.  And it was amazing!!  Very smooth, slightly sweet, and just a hint of a mild kick.  Nothing crazy.  Totally kid approved.
Do you have a secret ingredient that you use for these types of dishes?


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I always use liquid aminos, but I have never tried soup in my stir-fry… That one I will have to try.