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Fantastic Family Christmas Traditions

Create lifelong holiday memories by starting some new family Christmas traditions.  From traditional activities that have been past down for generations to brand new ideas that are fun and exciting.Create memories, and less stress with these fun and inspiring Christmas traditions for families.

Family Christmas Traditions

When it comes to the holiday season, life can get overwhelming.  When I stop and think of everything that I “should” do my head starts spinning.  In the end, I want a Christmas season full of memories and smiles.  So I tell myself no a lot.  I choose to-do items that create lifelong memories.  I choose traditions that we have established as a family.  We’re sharing several of the family Christmas traditions that we have established in our families.  We hope that you find something that’s perfect for yours.  Something that adds memories and fun…and not stress.

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Baking cookies

This tradition is one that has been passed down for generations. I remember going to Christmas Eve at our grandparents and having a table FULL of delicious Christmas cookies.  Once we became adults, we started baking cookies with our mom every year.  And now that we don’t live near each other, we have started baking with our kiddos.  Each year we make too many cookies, but we give them to friends and create memories during the process.

So many of our recipes come from this vintage Better Homes and Garden’s cookbook.

We have started creating some of our own cookies too.  Like our thumbprint oatmeal cookies.

Christmas ornaments that kids can create

Every year our kiddos create ornaments that they give to their grandparents.  This year we’re debating between making our new Poured Christmas ornaments or creating an ornament with our new printable template!Christmas ornaments that kids can make. A collection of holiday gifts that are easy and ready for kids to create and give this season.

Christmas Lights

Every year we go on a family car ride and find as many cool Christmas lights as we can.  We pack some hot chocolate, candy canes, and our Christmas Lights scavenger hunt and enjoy a night of family togetherness.Grab this free printable Holiday Lights Scavenger Hunt for a fun new family tradition! Search for Christmas lights with your little ones. Cute pictures allow even the youngest kids to play!


Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

When Fred leaves, he gives the kiddos fun Christmas pajamas.  This year we’re taking them up a notch and getting the whole family in on the fun!  Check out some of our favorite sets here!

Easy Christmas Gift Wrap

I like to make my gifts look amazing under the tree…but what I don’t have time for is elaborate gift wrap.  I like to sit down with a glass of wine or hot cocoa and wrap gifts while watching a fun Christmas movie (or two!).  If you need some simple and inexpensive inspiration, this easy gift wrap is my favorite!This fast and easy Christmas gift wrap can be done by anyone! Get the look of fancy gift wrap with the ease of one simple step!

Christmas Morning Breakfast

When it comes to the big day, we’re pretty lazy.  No one gets out of their matching pajamas and we all play with our new toys.  The one exception is Christmas breakfast. It’s pancakes or French toast, bacon, eggs, and loads of coffee.