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Easy Cross Pencil Toppers: Sunday School Crafts For Kids

Create these easy cross pencil toppers that are perfect for Sunday school or for crafting at your kitchen table.

Image of cross pencil topper made with pipe cleaners.

Cross Pencil Toppers

This easy craft is great for groups of kids of all ages. It uses pipe cleaners to create a simple cross shape with a red or pink heart in the center. (You can technically use a variety of colors for the heart.)

Create a cross and heart pencil topper while making your Easter craft, for Valentine’s day or during Sunday School lessons. Whenever you want to show that Jesus Loves You.

Plus, as an added bonus, this craft promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and following instructions. We love it when you can sneak learning into craft time.

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Image of a cross pencil topper made with pipe cleaners. Text reads "Easter Cross Craft Project"

Why we love pipe cleaner crafts

Pipe cleaners are an amazing and frugal craft supply. You can purchase them at any crafts supply store or even the dollar store. Plus, they are fantastic for sneaking learning into your craft time.

Crafting with chenille stems promotes:

  • fine motor skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • following instructions
  • teaches colors
  • practice counting
  • and more!

Because of all this skill-building. It’s great for younger children and crafting during school time. Plus a lot of the craft projects can be used afterward for playing, decorating, or sharing.

Tips for making this Sunday School craft:

  • The Older children can handle all of the steps, but younger kids may need help cutting the pipe cleaners in half.
  • If you are crafting with a lot of kids, cut all of the heart pieces ahead of time.
  • Once created, the pencil topper can easily be removed and added to a different pencil. Which makes them great for kids to give as gifts.
  • Let kids create their crosses in different colors instead of just using brown
Yield: 1

Cross Pipe Cleaner Pencil Topper

Image of a cross pencil topper made with pipe cleaners.

These pipe cleaner crafts are a great project for Sunday school or to do at home! These pencil toppers are easy to make and fun to use!

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Pipe cleaners - Brown and a color for the heart
  • Unsharpened Pencil


  • Scissors


  1. Cut your heart-colored pipe cleaner in half. You will only use one half for each pencil topper.
  2. Fold your brown pipe cleaner in half. Pinch, at the fold, to create the top of the cross.
  3. At the center of the cross, fold the ends of the pipe cleaner out into a sort of "T" shape.
  4. Choose the length of the arms of the cross and fold in one end at that spot.
  5. Once that end meets the center of the cross, bend it down 90 degrees to form the bottom of the cross.
  6. Take the other end and fold it across to match the first end.
  7. Then fold it down at the center. This will ensure that both arms are even.
  8. Unfold to reveal your cross.
  9. Place your heart-colored piece of pipe cleaner under the cross portion Centering it right below the center.
  10. Fold each end of the pipe cleaner across the cross's center and tuck it behind the cross.
  11. Make sure the ends are pointing down.
  12. Fold one end back up and across the front of the cross and curl the edge over to create the top of the heart.
  13. Repeat on the other side. At this point give it a good pinch to hold everything in place.
  14. Line up the long ends of the cross to the top of the pencil.
  15. At the base of the cross twist one side of the remaining pipe cleaner around the pencil.
  16. Then twist the second piece in the opposite direction to secure.

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Image of a cross pencil topper made with pipe cleaners.

How to make an easy Pipe Cleaner Sun Craft for Preschoolers - Twitchetts

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