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11 easy red snacks for preschool classrooms

Looking for delicious red snacks for preschool? This collection of kid-approved foods that are red in color are perfect for a classroom, party, or just a fun afternoon snack!
delicious red snacks for preschool. #twitchetts

Red Snacks for Preschool

If you are looking for a red foods list, look no further. We’ve combined some basic go-to’s with some simple recipes that will give you plenty of unique ideas.

These snacks are perfect red day activities for preschool!

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Don’t have time to serve these red colour snacks now? Pin it for later!

If you’re currently brainstorming for your red day activities or a party, save this pin and come back to it later. That way you’ll be able to grab all the red snacks when you’re ready!these red colour snacks are perfect for preschool red day, a fun party, or just an after school snack. #twitchetts

When will you serve foods that are red in color?

This collection of red color food items is perfect for a number of activities.

  • Red day activities for preschool.
  • Rainbow birthday party
  • Valentine’s Day
  • 4th of July
  • Canada Day

Tips for a memorable red food day

Make the most of your red food day with these quick tips.

  • Red food can stain. Make sure your kids are wearing play clothes.
  • Some of these foods are common food allergies, make sure that you are safe when choosing snacks for a large group.
  • Some kids don’t enjoy trying new foods. Make sure to off both common and new foods to help with their anxiety.
  • Share this post with your students and let them each bring their favorite red item!

Red Foods List

1. Easy fruit and graham cracker snack.

Strawberries make a great red snack! #twitchettsCombine our simple cheesecake spread with strawberries and graham crackers.

2. Fruit and yogurt

strawberries and raspberries are great red colour fruits for red food day. #twitchettsStrawberries and raspberries make fantastic red color fruits.

3. Red peppers with cheese

Add some cheese to your red peppers for a red food day snack. #twitchettsSome kids have a hard time trying new veggies. Try adding some cheese to red peppers to make them easier for your kids to try.

4. Tomatoes with sugar

Sprinkle tomatoes with sugar to cut the acidity. #twitchettsSome kids can’t handle the acidity of tomatoes. Take a trick from our grandpa and sprinkle tomatoes with sugar.

5. Watermelon

Watermelon red colour fruitsGive watermelon a fun twist by cutting it into fun shapes with cookie cutters.

6. Cranberry Juice

red colour snacksSkip the sugary drinks and serve cranberry juice instead!

7. Pomegranate

Add some fine motor activities with pomegranate. #redfooddayIncorporate some fine motor skill building by letting kids pick red pomegranate seeds.

8. Radishes

While they may not be your kid’s favorite red colored food, they are fun to try.

9. Red Apples

A favorite with kids. You can’t go wrong with red apples! You could even work in a fun apple craft!

10. Dried Goji Berries

Kids who love sour candies may enjoy dried goji berries.

11. Beet Chips

Beets may not be high on a kid’s list of snacks. But turn them into chips and they may just love them!

More red day activities you may enjoy.

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Red snacks for preschool. Learn about the color red, add it to a rainbow birthday party, or celebrate holidays like Valentines Day, 4th of July, or Canada Day. #twitchetts

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