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14 Colorful Suncatcher Crafts for Kids

Thinking of suncatchers brings back memories of the suncatchers hung in my Mother’s kitchen windows. Beautiful colors sparkle throughout the kitchen. Here are some colorful suncatcher crafts for kids that you can make with your children building memories they will cherish.

Easy suncatcher crafts for kids of all ages. From preschool to big kids and even toddlers! Great for holidays, seasonal crafts, or just an afternoon of fun. #twitchetts

Suncatcher Crafts

Are you looking for an easy craft for lots of kids? Or maybe just an afternoon craft for when it’s too hot to play outside. 

Suncatcher crafts are perfect for any time of year. And because they are an easy craft for kids, they are great for a group of kids or a classroom craft.

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Tips for creating suncatchers for kids

  • Suncatchers are great for any time of year. If you like a style, but the theme is about out of season, switch up the shape!
  • Save time by cutting the small pieces before the crafting time starts. Grab a good hole punch and start prepping!
  • Or, if you’re trying to build fine motor skills, have your kids cut the pieces out and create the suncatcher in two different sessions. This helps to prevent your kids from getting bored with the activity.
  • If you’re crafting with a lot of kids, keep the small pieces in bowls along the center of the table. You can decide if you want the bowls to be divided by color, shape, or all mixed up.

How to make suncatchers

Create fantastic suncatcher crafts with kids of all ages.

Ideas for hanging your kid’s suncatchers

So you’ve created about 50 suncatchers…and now you have to display them all. Here are some ideas for hanging your suncatchers.

  • Let your kids hang them in their bedroom window.
  • Decorate your classroom windows.
  • Hang the suncatchers on your Christmas tree.
  • Cover the sliding glass door.
  • Decorate your classroom door.
  • Display one on your back car window. (Please use common sense with this method and don’t hang them somewhere that isn’t safe.)
  • Hang a couple onto the pull strings on your ceiling fan.

Where will you display your creation?

More easy craft ideas you might like

  • Fine Motor Turkey Feathers. Same concept as some of the suncatchers and perfect for Thanksgiving.
  • Dotted Bookmarks. Have some extra dots cut out from one of these crafts? Use them to create a colorful bookmark! They make great gifts from kids.
  • Rainbow Flowers. These construction paper flowers are one of our most popular crafts and they are perfect for creating with young kids.

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Suncrafter crafts for preschool kids and kids of all ages. #twitchetts

How to make a cross suncatcher craft that's perfect for all ages - Twitchetts

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