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How to make an easy preschool cross craft

This Preschool Cross Craft is a simple and easy religious Easter craft that allows children to work on their cutting and gluing skills. We have other Easter crafts for kids that benefit their fine motor skills development. How to make an easy preschool cross craft for Easter #Twitchetts

Preschool Cross Craft in Sunset Colors

Kids will love this fun craft! From cutting to gluing and tracing, all of the actions involved in making this craft project benefit their fine motor skill development.

This preschool cross craft is great to make with kids in the classroom, in Sunday School, or at home.

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Supplies for Sunset Cross Craft to Make for Easter

  • Colored Paper (Sunset Colors)
  • White Cardstock
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil 

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How to make these simple paper cross crafts

Use scissors to cut paper strips from the colored paper in sunset colors. sunset cross craft

We picked colors from yellow to pink and different shades of blue. It’s not important to cut strips of the exactly the same width. Once you cut them, place them aside for later.Easter craft for kids to work on cutting skills

Fold the white cardstock in half. Press only on the middle part. making Easter craft with Christian cross

Using a pencil, draw half of a cross. easy Christian Easter craft for kids

Cut the cross out from the middle, making sure the frame remains uncut. simple religious cross craft for Easter

Take a second piece of white cardstock and place the cross frame on top. Trace the cross on the bottom cardstock. cutting and fine motor practice for kids with Easter craft 

Apply glue on the white cardstock and glue paper strips over the cross outline, from lighter to darker. Keep gluing until you cover the cross outline completely.Easter craft for preschoolers to work on cutting and gluing

Apply glue to the cardstock with the cross shape cut out. Make sure to add the glue to the side with the pencil markings. easy cross craft to make for Easter

Press the cross frame and glue it over the paper with paper strips. Cut out extra paper strips to finish.sunset cross craft for Easter


If you loved this Easter craft for kids, please pin it to your favorite Pinterest board.Sunset cross craft for Christian families #Twitchetts

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