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18 Handmade Gifts Under $15 For The Whole Family

Throughout the year, little gift giving opportunities pop up.  From stocking stuffers to Easter baskets, Switch Witch baskets to Teacher Appreciation.  I combed through Etsy and found you some amazing Handmade Gifts Under $15.  Perfect to throw in a basket or finish off a baby shower gift.

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I used to fill my stockings with cheap knick knacks that didn’t last much past the Christmas break.  Instead, I’m heading to Etsy to find small gifts for every occasion!  I love that when I shop on Etsy, I’m supporting a community of small business owners.  These owners take great pride in their work and create beautiful treasures that will be enjoyed long after the gift is given.

Check out our gift guide of handmade gifts under $15.  You may end up grabbing a few items for yourself!

Handmade Gifts Under $15

Sensory Block // BabySewLovable

Sensory Block  //  BabySewLovable
We’re starting with the littlest one on your list. This block is a perfect addition to a shower gift, welcome to the world gift, or babies first Christmas! If you love this block, you’ll love the gift sets in BabySewLovable’s shop.

Tag Toys // TinyAndFree

Tag Toys  //  TinyAndFree
What is a sensory block without fun tag toys? TinyAndFree has a variety of fun, bright, and organic tag toys. Perfect for a baby’s first sensory play.

Rattles // ManzanitaKids

Rattles  //  ManzanitaKids
These beautiful rattles are perfect for babies. Check out all the amazing animal shapes that ManzanitaKids creates! (Note: These rattles are actually $16…but I HAD to add them to this gift guide. They are totally worth the extra dollar!)

Stuffed Animals // TheHuggableHoots

Stuffed Animals //  TheHuggableHoots
Small stuffed animals (or monsters) are a fun addition to any gift. Perfect for topping off a stocking, Easter basket, or Switch Witch basket! Check out all the cuteness at TheHuggableHoots!

Masks // AJoyfulBow

Masks //  AJoyfulBow
My kiddos LOVE running around with their masks from AJoyfulBow. Check out her shop to chose your child’s favorite character!

Colored Wooden Toys // Zubky

Colored Wooden Toys  //  Zubky
Check out Zubky for great wooden toys that are colored naturally. I love the classics that they create. Which toy will you choose?

Peg Dolls // WoolyLlama

Peg Dolls //  WoolyLlama
Such incredible cuteness in such a tiny peg. Little Miss has personally chosen about 50 different pegs from WoolyLlama that she would love to receive from Santa. (she makes them in key chains too…for us big kids.)

Crayon Roll // PaperFromHeaven

Crayon Roll //  PaperFromHeaven
For artist young and old, PaperFromHeaven has a Crayon roll for everyone. Throw in some Crayons and print out a coloring sheet and you have a perfect little gift!

Sketch Book // SOHandmade

Sketch Book //  SOHandmade
Add a small sketch book from SOHandmade and you have an amazing gift! I would love to give these to the kids before a road trip so that they can color in the car!

Hair Pins // RachelOs

Hair Pins //  RachelOs
I’m a tad obsessed with the fun jewelry and hair pins at RachelOs. Find the perfect whimsical accessory for everyone on your list.

Key Chains // riskybeads

Key Chains //  riskybeads
Check out riskybeads to find a keychain perfect for everyone on your list. She even does bulk orders if you want to send something to your team or a group of friends!

THair Tie Bracelets // BelaBracelets

Hair Tie Bracelets //  BelaBracelets
If you know someone who has long hair, you know someone who will love a bracelet from BelaBracelets. I seriously wear mine every day! Perfectly functional fashion!

Wish Bracelet // LittleTreasuresShopp

Wish Bracelet //  LittleTreasuresShopp
The wish bracelets from LittleTreasuresShopp are truly small treasures. Tie one on and when if falls off, it is believed your wish will come true. Lovely & fun!

Tea Diffusers // CleverKarma

Tea Diffusers //  CleverKarma
Fun tea diffusers from CleverKarma will make the perfect little gift. Find the perfect diffuser in their shop…I know I’ve picked out a few for my gift list.

Cord Keeper // HattonHenry

Cord Keeper //  HattonHenry
Gift a little organization. The cord keepers from HattonHenry are perfect for the one who’s always losing their earbuds.

Beard Balm // LittleFlowerSoapCo

Beard Balm //  LittleFlowerSoapCo
From Beard Balm to Chap Stick. You can find the perfect spa gifts at LittleFlowerSoapCo.

Can Cooler // PaperBerryPress

Can Cooler //  PaperBerryPress
Keep their drink cold and gift them a smile. Check out the all the fun gifts available at PaperBerryPress!
**PaperBerryPress is giving Twitchetts readers a coupon code to save 15% on your order! Use coupon code: TWITCH15 **

Fun Socks // MacTees

Fun Socks //  MacTees
Bring wine, coffee, beer…there is a fun sock for everyone. Check out all the designs at MacTees!

The fun doesn’t end here!  Check out more gift ideas!handmade-gift-ideas-for-the-whole-family-fb

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Happy Shopping!

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