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16 Etsy Gifts for Kids ~ Handmade and unique children’s gift ideas

Have you checked out the Etsy gifts for kids?  You can find amazing handmade and unique gifts that are perfect for all the kids on your list!Handmade Gift Ideas for Children-A gift guide of unique kids gifts ideas from Etsy shops. Perfect gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays and any other gift giving celebration. Gift ideas for boys and girls.

Etsy Gifts for Kids

This year, I headed to Etsy to find handmade gift ideas for children that will create memories and inspire imaginative play.  I had to share some of the amazing gifts that I found so that you can find that perfect gift for every kid on your gift list.

I love buying things for my kids.  Throughout the year, I don’t do it very often.  In fact, I rarely buy them anything that costs more than $1.  But for Christmas, I love to spoil them.  It reminds me of my childhood and coming around the corner to a tree with presents underneath.  It was magical and fun, even as I got older.  When I do buy them gifts, I want to make sure that what I buy them will be loved long past Christmas morning.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission.  

Handmade Gift Ideas for Children

One of my favorite parts about shopping on Etsy is supporting small businesses and providing makers an opportunity to create beautiful treasures that will be enjoyed for years to come.


Colored Wooden Toys  //  IndieBambinoToys
The fun starts with this amazing bowling set from IndieBambinoToys. Their shop has lots of fun ideas, so check it out!

Lacing Toys // 3PrincessShop

Lacing Toys  //  3PrincessShop
You’ve gotta love these original lacing toys. Check out 3PrincessShop for some amazing baby gifts and the other fun wooden toys they’ve created.

Sewing Kit // SweetRootsGardens

Sewing Kit  //  SweetRootsGardens
While checking out the sewing kits at SweetRootsGardends you want to make sure to browse their Bath and body products!

Felt Games // AnnsCraftHouse

Felt Games //  AnnsCraftHouse
Fun felt games that kids will love! AnnsCraftHouse has plenty of gift ideas for the little ones on your list.

Felt Food // MyrasKitchen

Felt Food  //  MyrasKitchen
Felt food is a fun part of imaginative play. And any kiddo that is getting a kitchen for a gift will need some of the fantastic food from MyrasKitchen to cook!

Playhouse // LittleCrownShop

Playhouse //  LittleCrownShop
Maybe the kitchen is in this amazing playhouse from LittleCrownShop. I can just imagine the giggles coming from under these tables!

Dollhouses // ManzanitaKids

Dollhouses  //  ManzanitaKids
The dollhouses from ManzanitaKids will let your kiddos create their worlds different every time. I’m excited to get this house for my kids to share. I can already imagine the dollhouse/farm that they will create.

Lego Tray // FreestyleMom

Lego Tray  //  FreestyleMom
If the kiddos on your list prefer to play with Lego, grab them a fantastic tray from FreestyleMom. While you’re in her shop, check out the gift ideas for the adults on your list.

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STEAM Kits // GreenBugMarketplace

STEAM kits  //  GreenBugMarketplace
Open up the minds of the kids on your list with the fun STEAM kits from GreenBugMarketplace!  While you’re there, check out the fun items she makes with upcycled and vintage fabric.

Train Track // SOHandmade

Train Track Play Mats  //  SOHandmade
Trains can zoom around the tracks on the play mats made by SOHandmade. Browse through her shop for more amazing gift ideas!

Peg Dolls // WoolyLlama

Peg Dolls //  WoolyLlama
Check out the amazing selection of peg dolls from WoolyLlama. From princess and superheroes to a custom family set. Find the perfect set for the little ones on your list!

Stuffed Animals // TheHuggableHoots

Stuffed Animals  //  TheHuggableHoots
Create huggable fun by giving some ninjas from HuggableHoots. Check out all the plush animals she sells, they are all adorable.

Dolls // Down2EarthDolls

Dolls //  Down2EarthDolls
These one-of-a-kind dolls are made from old Bratz dolls! It’s amazing the transformation. I can’t wait to get one for Little Miss.
**This seller ships from Australia, so make sure you place your order by November 30th!**

Barbie Clothes // MyLittleDollBoutique

Barbie Clothes  //  MyLittleDollBoutique
Give Barbie a new outfit! The dresses from MyLittleDollBoutique are fun and fashionable!

Jewelry // RachelOs

Jewelry  //  RachelOs
Don’t let the dolls have all the fun. The jewelry from RachelOs is the perfect amount of Whimsy for young and old. I’m a bit obsessed with all of the fun designs!

Mermaid Blanket // YayCrochetShop

These are seriously the most adorable blankets ever!  I can’t think of a single little girl who wouldn’t love a handmade blanket or bag from YayCrochetShop!

We hope that you found some fun Etsy gifts for kids in our gift guide.  Maybe even a couple!!

The fun doesn’t end here!  Check out more gift ideas!handmade-gift-ideas-for-the-whole-family-fb

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Happy Shopping!


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