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How To Make An Amazing Halloween Spider Web Wreath

Create this amazing spider web wreath that’s perfect for decorating your front door this Halloween. It’s quick to create and uses simple supplies! Check out the whole tutorial and have the cutest door on the block!

Spider Web Wreath

I know, I know, I said that I was done with the Halloween crafts and posts, but I just can’t help myself! I am feeling extremely inspired this year and I have to share with you!

This cute spider web wreath is perfect for creating on your own but easy enough that the kiddos can help you.

Plus, you don’t have to break the bank by getting a bunch of supplies.

DIY Spider Web Wreath. Text reads: "Halloween Wreath"

Your kids will love gathering the sticks needed to create this Halloween craft. Plus you can sneak in some fine motor skill building when they wrap the t-shirt yarn around them.

You can use this web craft for a variety of reasons beyond the front door.

  • Hang it in your classroom or playroom.
  • Be intentional about the number of times you wrap the yarn and you can use it as a counting activity.
  • Let your kids play “house” with the spiders!
  • Make a giant one and use it as a backdrop at a Halloween party.

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DIY Spider Web Wreath. Text reads: "Halloween Wreath"

How to make t-shirt yarn

Check out our step-by-step instructions for making t-shirt yarn!

Tips for creating this nature craft:

This Halloween wreath is very simple. But here are some tips for making it even easier!

  • The instructions call for t-shirt yarn, but you can use any yarn you have!
  • Choose sticks that are the size you want your wreath to be. You’ll need 3 similar-sized sticks.
  • Find smaller sticks to make smaller wreaths and larger ones for a fun statement piece.
  • If you are crafting with a large group, try to make the sticks the same size, so the results are consistent.
Yield: 1 Web

T-Shirt Yarn Spider Web

This easy Halloween Wreath is the perfect upcycled craft project! Using T-Shirt yarn and sticks from the yard it is an inexpensive Halloween Decoration.

This DIY Halloween wreath is perfect for hanging on your front door.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 4 sticks. The 3 main sticks need to be the same size. (No longer than the width of your door.) The 4th stick can be smaller.
  • A ball of t-shirt yarn made from one large white shirt (See how to make t-shirt yarn here).
  • Plastic Spider


  • Hot Glue Gun


    1. Start by using your hot glue to connect the 3 longer sticks together so they are visually pleasing to you.In process image of a spider web wreath
    2. Glue down your t-shirt yarn in the center of your web. Begin by wrapping it around the center a few times.In process image of a spider web wreath
    3. Next, start working your way out from the center. Wrap the yarn Over-Under-Over each stick working your way around the web.In process image of a spider web wreath
    4. Once you get to the outside, secure the end with a little more hot glue. Leave some extra string at the end for the spider to dangle from.  Attach your spider with more glue.In process image of a spider web wreath
    5. Take the 4th stick and break to fit along the top. Glue in place.  This stick will be used to hang your spider web wreath.In process image of a spider web wreath

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t-shirt yarn spider web wreath. Text reads: "Halloween Craft - Spider Web"

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