When trying to live on organic produce the price tags can get extreme. This time of year you have a few choices to really get that cost down. Go, well prepared, to your farmers market {tips here} or Grow your own!! If you are just catching up we started from seed, took care of our seedlings, & started some compost. Today we are sharing tips on transplanting seedlings to your garden.

If you have started anything from seed indoors, the most important step to take before moving them to your garden is hardening them off. This is the process of ‘tuffening up’ your plants. Bring them outside in a slightly protected place.

This way they get exposed to some wind. Let them sit out over night (unless it is supposed to freeze). You just want them to get used to the environment before moving them to your garden.

Once they are ready for the real thing, it’s time to get them planted!  If you grew them at home, your plants might still have their first leaves. This is a good way to measure how deep to put your plant in the ground. Remove those starter leaves and put your plant in so the soil covers where those leaves were growing.

You always want to dig your hole in the ground wider and deeper than the plant. This way the soil that ends up around your plant is loose.

Add in some compost, fill in soil around your plant, and then water in well.

There are lots of fun things you can add around your garden to help your plants out.
If you want to add some flowers, Borage and Marigolds are great veggie companions.
Crushed eggshells can be used on the tomatoes for extra calcium.
Coffee grounds can be used around plants to detour bugs.

This year I am adding a couple praying mantis egg sacks!

They are supposed to eat all sorts of bugs that are bad for your plants!! They each hold around 200 little guys. I will update you with how that all goes. This is way out of my element so we will see…

Growing your own food is so exciting. Get the family involved, even if it is one strawberry plant in your back yard.

They will be so excited to get out there and pick one right off the vine.

I hope you have something in the works this year! It’s not too late to get something started!!
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Starting from seeds doesn't have to be so scary! Here are a few tips and tricks that will get even the brownest thumb growing something.