So the groundhog came up and cursed us all with 6 more weeks of winter… Not the biggest fan of that animal right now!! I’m just itching to open all of the windows and let in some fresh air. Ready to spring clean and get all of that dust out from unpacking. While ‘patiently’ waiting for that weather why not jump-start spring cleaning this year by getting a little more organized? Closets can easily become cluttered, ours was overflowing!! Lucky for you I discovered a few tricks to get the most out of your closet space.

First things First…


I’m talking really purge here! Find a great cause, women’s shelter, or a church. If you know they will go to someone who really Needs them, it makes it easier. You do not need 5 outfits for that ‘get hot’ girls night out you might do once a year. You do not need to keep shirts that you wore over a century ago. You do not need to hold on to that shirt, you know the one you got as a present that never quite fit right, that still has the tags, no one will know when its gone! Who needs 10 swim suits… You get the picture. I was a pretty bad offender myself, but I was able to get rid of a lot. Knowing someone in need will get these, makes it easier. Both boxes are FULL!! I have to admit it felt Great!


Use Those Shelves

They are there for a reason, so take a moment and fold your sweaters nicely and get that rack space back.Make sure when folding that you use the depth of the shelf to its full advantage. Don’t tri-fold if you can fold it in half and it doesn’t hang over. You can stack more this way.

But you knew all of that right… Now for the Space Saving Closet Tricks!!!

 #1 Child Hangers

Just look much room that is taken up by this massive hanger! That is 10-12 Hangers in the way.
So pick up some children’s hangers (or borrow some from your kid’s closets). Use them for things you do not need access all of the time. Those dresses you only wear on special occasions. Halter tops and tanks that are out of season. Even dress pants you don’t wear all that often.
The amount of space you can save is amazing.
See how jammed these corners get if you try using full sized hangers… You end up with a lot of wasted space.
 Simply switch out for the smaller hangers and place closer to the wall.

#2 & #3 Wasted Spaces

This closet isn’t the biggest so any where to hang something was used… do you see it? Look close.
That’s right Suit coats behind. They are rarely used and can be extremely bulky.
I also used another bar that was easy to access to hang a few dresses that I wear often.

#4 Hidden Space

I keep an extra dresser we have in our closet. It is Very useful for seasonal storage, but it leaves some space above that is unused…  We can Not have that!!
This is probably my favorite idea I came up with.
All those purses needed a home!!
After getting rid of all of those full sized hangers you will have plenty lying around.
Hang them down and against the wall, add your bags, and then go ahead and use the shelf.

 #5 Accessorize

I had these over the door hooks for towels at our old house. They always left marks on the doors so I wasn’t planning on using them here.

On the end of the rack they make a perfect spot for sweaters and cardigans.

Also a vertical shoe rack can save tons of space!

So what are you waiting for!!
I have to say, anytime I am done de-cluttering something I feel a weight lifted… Over time we tend to collect too much stuff.
Hopefully, there are a few tips here that you can use! Click to find more closet organizing tips.

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I’m a terrible tri-fold offender…This motivates me to do some massive organizing!