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Cheater Chicken Fried Rice

So if you are anything like me, no matter how much you plan ahead, there are nights that you are rummaging around your cupboard looking for dinner. You want something that is fast, easy, and delicious. This is one of my fallbacks…

This is honestly something I can through together 95% of the time. I keep all of these ingredients as staples in my house. Rice, frozen mixed veggies, canned chicken, liquid aminos, and butter.
If you have never heard of liquid aminos check it out!! It replaces soy sauce perfectly in any dish. As for the canned chicken, I have to admit that I just started using it this past year. I was skeptical about it, but to my surprise, it works great. I always buy it in bulk at Costco so I can through together a quick chicken salad, casserole, or this fried rice recipe here.
The longest part about this meal is making rice.
I always saute a good amount of onion in some coconut oil. I’m using about a cup of rice, and double the liquid, so 2 cups of water.
**A quick tip, if you have an electric stove the temperature doesn’t drop fast enough and you can get stuck with sticky rice. Simply start a second burner with an empty pan on it. Place the temp a little above low (where you would set it to simmer) once your rice comes to a boil throw on the lid and move it over to your ‘prepped’ burner.
While your rice is going you can get out the rest of your ingredients. I rinse my chicken and coat it with a little of the aminos. I pick through my frozen veggies and take out the beans. I just don’t like them in my fried rice.
I only use about 2tbs of butter for the whole dish. If you want it richer you can always add more.
Once your rice is done it is time to begin.
Start by putting down a few pats of butter and top with your rice.
Then add the rest of your ingredients with a little butter under each.
Top everything with some liquid aminos.
Right about now the smell starts to fill your kitchen and you know it’s gonna taste good!
Once the veggies and chicken are heated through start mixing it all together.
This can be messy, but anything that falls off is just quality control, right?….
Once it’s mixed up you can add the rest of the butter on the top let it melt down into the rice.
Let it sit for a little bit. Add aminos to taste. You can also add some siracha if you like it spicy.
Then serve it up!!
The kiddos LOVE when I make this.
The big bonus here…

Barely any Dishes!!

What are some of your favorite last-minute dinners?

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Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

I love easy recipes! I have never used canned chicken, but it would probably be smart to keep some on hand. Thanks again for another great idea!

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Monday 18th of May 2015

This looks delicious. These kinds of recipes have always intimidated me but this looks totally doable. Can't wait to try!

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Tuesday 19th of May 2015

It is fail-proof! I promise you can't mess it up!!