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The Dishwasher Tip That Will Change Your World

Today I’m going to share with you a dishwasher tip that I just recently discovered.
A quick dishwasher tip that will help save time. And saving time while cleaning will change your life.
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My Quick Dishwasher Tip

Have I mentioned before that I work full time?  I have?  Oh, OK.
Well, my full-time job is in accounting.  And this week is our fiscal year-end.  And anyone that knows anything about working in accounting knows what that means.  It means my life is a bit on the crazy side right now.  I’m dealing with deadlines and decisions and massive amounts of data entry.  I have numbers coming out of my ears.  When I get home my brain is about as fried as the rice that Susie made me make last night.  (which was Amazing, by the way!)

Anywho…Since I’m a little strapped for time (and mental functionality) I’m going to share with you something that I recently discovered.  I honestly don’t know where I read this.  So if I’m stealing this from someone I’m sorry, let me know and I’ll give you some credit.  This little bit of a tip has changed my world.  Literally.

It’s how I load my dishwasher.

Now, I know I’m working my way into some sensitive territory for people.  Telling some people how to load their dishwasher is like telling them how to fold their undies.  It’s personal.  But trust me, this is awesome!  And it’s so simple!

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Load your dishes in groups.  Done.  That’s it.  Put your forks with your forks.  Your spoons with your spoons.  Your kiddie silverware with your kiddie silverware….I’m pretty sure you’re getting the picture. They come out clean, and all I have to do is grab the bunch and throw them in the drawer.

Now for the top…

Line up your cups.  Put your measuring spoons together, Keep the lids with the containers.
I know that this is far from rocket science.  But the amount of time this has saved putting away my dishes has been minutes…OK, so that doesn’t sound like much.  But, when you’re staring at your kitchen debating whether or not you should skip the kitchen and grab the ice cream, those couple of minutes help…A Lot.

A quick dishwasher tip that will help save time. And saving time while cleaning will change your life.

Jan M

Monday 26th of December 2016

I've always loaded the sliver ware this way, tines down for the forks, tips down for the knives (I use a piece of plastic scrubber-the poofy plastic ball to prevent knives slipping too far in and blocking the water). This saves time as well because the pointy objects are all facing away. Yippy can reach in grab the whole bunch of knives by their handles and put them away, forks, the same. I put spoons in upside down but use the scrubber at the bottom to prevent the spooning. Bread twist ties can used on the sliverware basket and scrubbers to keep them in place. Easy to change out when they start to shred.


Tuesday 27th of December 2016

That's a great tip. Thanks for sharing!

Lu Harter

Saturday 21st of May 2016

Have anyone who unloads the dishwasher wash their hands.


Friday 6th of May 2016

I have 5 kids and I've done this ticket my 3rd child in an effort to save time. I have Correll dishes and i literally can grabs 4-5 plates in a swoop, same with the small and medium plates and bowls.


Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Yes! I do the same. It helps to have the sturdy dishes.

Jennifer Kingsborough

Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

This is how I've always loaded the dishwasher, I guess I can thank my OCD lol


Sunday 1st of May 2016

Ok peeps, like was mentioned earlier, this may be a little sensitive for some, but really the biggest time saver is to never let your dishes pile up in the sink...EVER! skip the sink altogether and load directly into the dishwasher. Srape off big food items, but Do NOT rinse. I have had even baked in lasagna come right out of casserole dish. Try it. Once in a while I will get scrambled egg that sticks to a spatula, but having to rewash The one or 2 items that MAYBE don't come out spotless is a lot quicker that rinsing off everything before you put it in. And no, I don't organize my silerware, just stick it in. The extra time you take to sort it cancels out any time savings on the back end. I do stack my plates that are all the same all next to eachother and to unload I can just grab them all at once and put them in a stack in my cupboard. 90% of everything that comes out of the dishwasher can be put away without having to take one step. The silverware is in a basket and that is portable so it gets moved to where my silverware drawer is. It has been my now 4 year olds job to put away the silverware since he was 2. We dump it out on the counter right above the drawer and he gets out a stool and puts it in its proper place. He can easily grab and put away all the knives, then forks, then spoons. (I take out any sharp items first). Try this tip out to REALLY save time. (I also put the soap in the dispenser so I know that the dishwasher is dirty it the soap door is closed. )

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