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Meet the Twitchetts

Twitchett: [twit-chet] (n) A nickname given by our late Grandma to her beloved grandchildren.


What’s crazier than a mom that works a full time job with a Two Year Old (Little Miss) and a One Year Old (Mr. Monster)???

A full time working mom with a blog.

Hi!  I’m Crazy and I’m a Twitchett.

This isn’t my first blog.  I had one before the babies started coming.  A little place I liked to call Crafty Kate.

I LOVED that little place!  But you know what a new Mommy loves more?  Sleep.  So I had to give it up. 

Now, yet ANOTHER baby later, and I’m ready to give it another go. 

This time, I’ll have the help of my sister to keep me sane.  I know, poor girl.  It’s a pretty big task, but she’s awesome and willing to accept the challenge. 

I am a crafter, party planner, and a moderately talented cook.  But most importantly, I’m a Mom and Wife.

Hang on, while I share a piece of my life with you.  Hopefully you enjoy the ride!


I guess that would make me Twitchett #2.  I’m ok with that since I am younger >wink< and this is my first official blog.

My Crazy life is crazy in many different ways…

I am primarily a stay at home Army Wife.  My baby, V, is a little over a year, which equals my time living in Florida.  Just when you think your about to get comfortable, you guessed it, we are moving next month to Kentucky! My son, J, has been keeping me on my toes for over 6 years now.  His excitement about living on a “Real Life Army Base” keeps a smile on my face…while I think about all the work that goes into moving. A couple years ago I inherited another son, O, who is 7. He stayed with us this summer.  Yes it was crazy! Crazy, fun, exciting, and a lot of inspiration for this little blog here!!

Being around them made me realize why my Grandma started calling us Twitchetts in the first place. Kids that age Don’t Sit Still!!

Looking forward to sharing some tips, tricks, & tidbits from my life that might help bring more sanity to yours!