All kiddos love pancakes… I have to admit, I love pancakes. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. We are known for Brunch and even Brinner often at my house. The one thing I don’t like is the sticky icky mess. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind too much when the kiddos get messy while they eat. I have some of the best spaghetti face pics ever! There has always been something about syrup though. Just sooo sticky and yes I will say it again icky. I was on a mission for a good solution.
Clean Fingers Clean Tummies Mini Pancakes Tall Pin


These little guys are equally cute and tasty! Mini Pancakes are perfect for little hands. I love that you can make a whole bunch at once. When you set down the whole plate they think they are getting spoiled! When really you are using your same standard batch of pancake.

Now as well as keeping those fingers clean I like to keep their tummies clean as well so I make my pancakes from scratch so I know what is in them. We have linked back to this recipe before from Laura Fuentes {click here for recipe} or you can use any other basic pancake recipe you love.

The secret is inside the pancakes. Here is what you need:

~1/4 C Pure Maple Syrup

~1 T Organic Brown Sugar

~1/2 T Non-GMO Cornstarch

~A splash of cold water

Mix the cornstarch and cold water to create a quick slurry.Pancake filling

In a small pan add Sugar & Syrup. Heat on low heat until the sugar dissolves then add the Cornstarch Slurry. Raise temp slightly and whisk continuously until it starts to bubble.

Remove from heat and continue to whisk until the bubbles go down. Set aside. It will thicken a bit while it cools.Maple Brown Sugar Slurry Tri

Make your pancake mix while it cools.

Using a tablespoon cookie dropper drop 3 mini cakes at a time. Add a drizzle of your syrup mix in the middle then swirl to spread with a toothpick. Be careful not to let the syrup go over the edge. They will still taste good, but that will be a sticky spot. I consider those damaged and dispose of them myself {wink}

Cook them like you would any other pancake. Flip once the bubbles all pop. Cook the other side and move to cooling rack. Mini Syrup Filled PancakesThey love these little pancakes. J would eat 20 of them if I let him… I could too…IMG_9553

You could freeze the extras for a quick fix breakfast, if there are any left.Clean Fingers Clean Tummies Mini Pancakes

I usually leave them on a cooling rack and they disappear pretty quick.

Clean Finger Pancakes with Syrup inside

*Sofa eating at your own risk…

Clean Fingers Clean Tummies Mini Pancakes

Whether you make them for breakfast, brunch, or brinner… these are sure to become a family favorite!!

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I’m going to make bigger versions of these and use them for quick, running out the door, breakfasts!