Grab this fun summer checklist to create a summer bucket list full of memories.  What better way to get your kiddos involved in your summer fun?Summer Checklist. A free printable to create a summer bucket list full of great memories!

Now that Memorial Weekend is over, it feels like summer is in full swing. The leaves are all green, the spring flowers are dropping their petals, and the grill has been broken in.  But my kids are still in “school”. And they always will be. This is the life of a kiddo with two working parents.

This has always kind of bothered me. Summer is supposed to be a time to make memories and play outside. Go swimming, explore the outdoors, get dirty.

I just finished reading a post from Working Mom Magic and she has inspired me to make this an amazing summer for my kiddos.

There are only so many weekends from now until September, and we are going to make the most of them.  But when it comes to young kids, you can’t always plan every detail…when they figure out that you’re planning something, they will revolt!

So we came up with a great summer checklist to make the process more kiddo friendly.

Hang this summer bucket list on your fridge and let the kids pick the activity for the weekend!Free Printable Button

Each picture can be done in a number of different ways.  We’ve included suggestions, but you can translate the picture any way that works for the age of your kids, weather, and budget.

Summer checklist snippet2 - Copy

All of the turquoise squares can be done when the weather isn’t so great.  This makes it easier to direct your young kiddos when they’re making their decision.

Once you’ve enjoyed the activity, mark it off your summer fun list, so that you can choose something new next time!Summer Checklist. A free printable to create a summer bucket list full of great memories!

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We hope you enjoy!  Let us know how you used the Summer Checklist!
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