Meet the Twitchetts

Creativity isn’t learned, it’s encouraged.

Twitchett: [twit-chet] (n) A nickname that was given, by our late Grandma.  Because we were so busy and playful that we just wouldn’t sit still.




What’s crazier than a mom that works a full-time job with a Four Year Old (Little Miss) and a Three Year Old (Mr. Monster)???

A full-time working mom with a blog.
Hi!  I’m Crazy and I’m a Twitchett.

This isn’t my first blog.  I had one before the babies started coming.  A little place I liked to call Crafty Kate.  I LOVED that little place!  But you know what a new Mommy loves more?  Sleep.  So I had to give it up. 

Now, yet ANOTHER baby later, and I’m ready to give it another go.  This time, I have the help of my sister to keep me sane.  I know, poor girl.  It’s a pretty big task, but she’s awesome and willing to accept the challenge. 

I am a crafter, party planner, and a moderately talented cook.  But most importantly, I’m a Wife and Mom.

Hang on, while I share a piece of my life with you.  Hopefully, you enjoy the ride!

If I had to choose just one post that was my favorite it would have to be my Two Under Two ~ A Survivors Guide.




I guess that would make me Twitchett #2.  I’m ok with that since I am younger >wink< and this is my first official blog.

My crazy life is crazy in many different ways…

I am primarily a stay at home Army Wife. Between living in 3 different states over the past 3 years, changing schools, doctors, and everything else we stay pretty busy. Finding time for fun crafts and activities to keep my kiddos (and yours) busy is a fun hobby for me. I co-authored a book this past year The Undeniable Power of Play. Between this book and our blog I really want other parents to realize they don’t need a lot of time or resources to get creatives in their own home.

In the summer months, I am surrounded by all 3 of my kiddos, V who is 3, J who is 8, & O who is 9. Being around them made me realize why my Grandma started calling us Twitchetts in the first place. Kids Don’t Sit Still!!

Looking forward to sharing some tips, tricks, & tidbits from my life that might help bring more sanity to yours!