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How to make an Interactive Lego Chore Chart with money values

This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through how to create an interactive Lego chore chart with money values. It’s perfect for kids of all ages including the older kids who have outgrown the cute chore charts.

Lego Chore Chart

It seems like we are constantly updating the way that we have J help around the house. As he gets older he is getting more responsibilities and we are trying to teach him good values with his money.

We have created a Lego chore chart to help us keep track of it all. Since it is interactive and Lego he is all about getting to his chores.

There are lots of reasons to make an interactive chore chart:

  • They will be learning about adding money.
  • They are learning responsibility
  • You can set a savings goal
  • It is fun!

So far it is keeping him motivated. He is doing his part around the house, which makes my life easier. He is learning money and how to save.

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No time to make this interactive chore chart? Pin it for later!

If you’re currently in the middle of researching chore charts for older kids, that’s ok!. That way you’ll be able to grab all the fun crafts when you’re ready!

Image of chore chart made from Lego. Text Reads "Chore Chart-Lego"

How to label the Lego Bricks

Each type of Lego has its own monetary value. As an example, here is how we labeled each type of brick. You can adjust based on your family’s needs and budget.

  • 2×2 = $0.25
  • 2×4 = $0.50
  • 2×6 = $0.75
  • 2×8 = $1.00
Yield: 1 Chore Chart

Lego Chore Chart with Money Values

This interactive Lego chore tracker is perfect for older kids.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy



  • Permanent Marker


  1. Using the permanent marker, write money values on the side of each brick. See the chart above for recommended value amounts.
  2. Next, add a chore to the opposite side of each brick.
  3. Glue the 2x8 flat brick to the lid of your container.
  4. Store all the loose pieces inside the jar.
  5. Your child can take out and build a tower as they complet their chores. If you used the price structure above, each row will equal $1.00!

How to pay out your chore tracker

Keep in mind, while writing out your bricks, some of this money will go to savings… at least that is our setup.

I created enough bricks that my son could do them all in one week. However, that has yet to happen. These are the guidelines that we set up. Make what works for Your family! Then be consistent.

  1. If we ask him to do something on a brick he must do it right away, or he will still need to do it, and won’t get a brick.
  2. He doesn’t get paid until he has completed his whole jar of bricks. This would equal $13.
  3. He has to deposit $5 into a savings account.
Image of chore chart made from Lego.

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Getting your kiddos helping out with chores early in life is great!

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Image of chore chart made from Lego. Text Reads "Big Kid Chore chart"

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