Keeping a house clean with a busy family is a non-stop job. As a family we strive to make sure that everyone does their part to keep the house in order… Well most of the time. We recently started playing around with the idea of an allowance for J. We wanted him to understand how to save up for things he wanted to buy. We also wanted him to have to Earn his money. Having him see what he was earning would be the key to him sticking with his chores. I didn’t want to have to remind him daily of what needed to be done. I came up with a simple magnet chore chart and a list of 3 categories of chores to do.

Simple Magnetic Chore Chart
 Simple Magnetic Chore Chart


1.Things he HAD to do…

These chores would be done without being paid. He is part of the family and is responsible for His own space. In order for him to do the “money making” chores these must be done first.  This was an important part to us. He needs to know to we all do our part.
Make his bed
Putting his clothes away
Keeping his room in order (things put away etc)

2.Things he can do multiple times a week…

These are chores that can be done almost everyday around our house. He would only get a quarter for these, but he is learning that it all adds up!
Putting away the dishes
Toys (aka picking up after his baby sister)
Take out trash

3.Things he can do once a week…

The “big bucks” items. These range between fifty cents and a dollar. These are things I normally take care of around the house, he Has to do it before I do. I will not wait around for him to get it done. This will teach him to take initiative and not wait to be Told to do it. If he wants the money he has to step up and earn it without being told.
Pick up the sticks in yard
Clean his bathroom
Clean the floors (our house is All tile)
Pick up the back patio
Of course every family has different needs and amounts they would like their children to do and earn. These are just the amounts we decided on.
Now to the fun part how to keep track of all of this! This is more of an example than a how to. You can go many different ways with this.
 We keep these on the Fridge. This way he can see what he is earning.
Also J enjoys moving over what he has done.
Make them add it up!

So far the system has been working Great!! He has been keeping up with his end of the agreement and I have to say…

He is one Cute Helper!!

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They are never too young to learn how to help around the house!  Little Miss loves to Swiffer!  Mr Monster is fantastic about putting books away…even if it just means he has to take them all back out again as soon as he’s finished!