“Silence is golden….Unless you have a toddler.
In that case silence is very very suspicious.”

Kate:  When telling Little Miss that Mr Monster has pink eye –
“He can’t have PINK eye, he’s a boy!  He has BOY eye”

Susie: I’m not sure who thought day of the week socks were cute… This is a rarity, but it is Wednesday with Wednesday socks on!!

Kate:  I knew putting away the toys from the living room was going too well…
Susie: Cooties are happening, the 1st grade classroom in KY is full of girls with cooties. 
Kate:  She was only alone for 2 minutes!!

Susie: We have a new love of lotion… hope this is short lived…
Kate:  I want to be proud of him…but all I can think is “Oh Crap”.
Susie: When you find random things like this. (This is a sentence on his spelling test) Your heart just melts.
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