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How to make snowflake shaped flowers from paper

These snowflake shaped flowers are perfect for kids to whip up. Use construction paper to create this spring craft for kids.

Flower crafts using the snowflake technique. Text reads "Paper Flower Craft"

Snowflake Shaped Flowers

While we were crafting snowflakes, last winter, some inspiration hit. These would make amazing paper flowers!

Use the classic snowflake technique to create this spring craft for kids. As a bonus, it’s a construction paper craft, so it’s inexpensive and quick to whip up.

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Flower crafts using the snowflake technique. Text reads "How to make easy paper flowers"

Tips for making this construction paper flower:

  • Let your child chose whatever color they want for their flowers. There is no wrong answer!
  • This craft is perfect for building cutting skills. Watch your child for proper scissor technique.
  • Construction paper works well for the flowers since it is easier to fold and cut through multiple layers.
  • You can cut some of the edges and open them to see the design. Then fold it back up and add more if you like!
Yield: 1 Set

Snowflake Flowers

Snowflake Flowers

Using the classic snowflake cut out design we are creating a fun flower art project!

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Medium


  • White or Blue Paper for Background
  • Flower Color Construction Paper


  • Pencil (optional for younger kids)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Green Marker


  1. Fold your construction paper into 4ths. Then make a triangle corner so you can create squares.
  2. Cut off the excess paper.
  3. Unfold and cut into 4 squares.
  4. Fold back into a triangle and lightly fold up the right tip.
  5. Then fold up the left tip. This should create a tulip shape. Adjust so that all 3 triangles are the same size.
  6. Round off the uneven edges. This will leave you with a teardrop shape.
  7. If your child is able to cut the edges of the shape let them go to town. If not let them use a pencil to draw some shapes for you to cut out.
  8. Unfold your flowers and arrange them on your paper.
  9. Glue down flowers in a few places to secure them.
  10. Using your green marker add stems, leaves, and/or vines. Then place grass along the bottom of the paper.

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Flower crafts using the snowflake technique. Text reads "Kids Craft-Paper Flowers-Click for tutorial."

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