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How to make a cute construction paper heart wand

We have a perfect Valentine’s Day craft for you – paper heart wand! Here you can find four different variations of heart wands but, you can let your kids make as many different as they want. Help us spread some love magic! We have a perfect Valentine's day craft for you - paper heart wand! Help us spread some love magic with your kids this Valentine's day! #Twitchetts

Spread Love Magic with Paper Heart Wand

Kids just adore all things magical and wands are a big part of this! When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we got inspired to make heart wands using construction paper and pipe cleaners.

This simple craft is perfect for kids to make at home for themselves or their classmates. It can also be a lovely gift for a teacher for Valentine’s day!

If you are a teacher, you can make these paper heart wands as a classroom project for Valentine’s Day!

These paper love bug puppets are too cute to pass up!

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Supplies for Heart Shaped Wand

  • Construction Paper (any color you want!)
  • Paper Cutter
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Hole Punch
  • Pencil
  • Beads
  • Scissors

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How to Make Cute Heart Shaped Wands

Gather your supplies! Set aside everything, we start with a paper cutter and construction paper. how to make Valentines day wands

Start by cutting paper strips from construction paper using a paper cutter or scissors, making sure they are all in the same width. make Valentines day wands with kids

Fold one of the paper strips in half and punch a hole on each of the folded sides. how to make heart wands from paper

Hold the bottom of the folded paper strip, pick a top part and join with the bottom. Repeat with the other side, forming a heart shape. Holes should be aligned.make paper heart wands for Valentines day

 Take a pipe cleaner and pull it through the holes. Fold the pipe cleaner in half. Twist it under the paper heart to secure it and keep twisting until you reach the end of the pipe cleaner. kid made construction paper heart wands

Add some beads to decorate your heart wand by pulling them through the bottom of a pipe cleaner holder. Your Valentine’s Day heart wand is ready! Spread some love magic around! Valentines day wand to make with kids

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Paper Heart Wands – Variations to Basic Valentine’s Day Craft

 We also made a few variations. First is with 2 paper strips in different sizes, creating a double heart.

To make the double heart, pick construction paper strips in two different colors. Cut one a bit shorter. Fold both in half and punch holes on both sides. Place paper strips together, longer being on inside. heart wand paper craft for kids

Join tops to bottom, first shorter strip and then longer paper strips to form a double heart and making sure holes are aligned. Pull pipe cleaner through the holes, fold in half and twist to form a wand holder.homemade heart wand diy

The next heart wand variation includes 3 paper strips in different colors.

You will leave 2 of them in full length and cut one shorter. Start by folding all 3 paper strips in half, stack them together and punch a hole on the bottom (folded) part. Punch a hole on the other side of one long and one shorter paper strip. The third shouldn’t be punched.

Fold the paper strips to form a double heart then add 3rd paper strip from construction paper and pipecleaner wand

Pull the pipe cleaner through the bottom hole to secure paper strips and twist. Using a pencil, curl the edges of the long paper strip to finish this paper heart wand.handmade Valentines day craft - heart wands

 The last variation, for a paper heart wands, we created is with 4 paper strips cut in 4 different lengths. Make sure to stack them when punching a hole to have the holinon each paper in the same spot. Valentines day classroom gifts - heart wands

After that, stack folded paper strips in such a way that longest is inside and shortest outside. Fold tops to bottom. Tie using pipecleaner, like we did in previous variations. Valentines day classroom heart wand craft

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