We’ve found 100 unique Etsy Christmas Ornaments. Then we broke them down into sections so you can see them all without getting overwhelmed!100 Etsy Christmas Ornaments-Holiday ornaments for kids, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, baby's first, and everyone else on your gift list. From santa ornaments, snowman ornaments, angel ornaments, natural wood ornaments, metal ornaments, animal ornament, classic ball ornaments and more. All handmade by Etsy Shop owners. #christmasornaments #holidaygifts #stockingstuffers #etsychristmasornaments #giftideas #handmadeornaments #smallbusiness #giftguide #twitchetts

Etsy Christmas Ornaments

Every year our mom picked out a beautiful ornament and gave it to us in our stocking.  Our trees are filled with these ornaments and the memories of our Childhood Christmases.

We love continuing this tradition with our kids.  Finding the perfect ornament can be tough, but you know us.  We’re up to the challenge.

After searching through Etsy, we have found 100 amazing and unique Etsy Christmas ornaments.

The shops in this gift guide are full of beautiful handmade ornaments.  So if you see one that you like, but it’s just not quite perfect, check out their shop.  We’re sure you’ll find something to love.

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Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

The first ornament a baby will receive.  You want it to be as special as the newest member of your family.

Other Firsts Etsy Ornaments

Babies aren’t the only ones experiencing something for the first time.  Whether it’s the first year as husband and wife, or the first year as Grandma and Grandpa.  Find Etsy Christmas ornaments to celebrate your year of firsts.

Classic Ball Ornaments

You can’t beat a classic.  This shape is what my mind goes to whenever someone says ornament.

Metal Etsy Christmas Ornaments

Whether the ornament is a shiny wire or rustic and rusty, metal can be a beautiful accent to your tree.

Wooden Handmade Ornaments

Wooden ornaments create a comforting cozy feel.  Find the one that’s perfect for your tree.

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Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments

You can’t beat the beauty of nature.  These ornaments bring that beauty inside and onto your tree.

Animal Etsy Ornaments

From furry and cute to feathered and sweet.  Animals love to hang on a tree branch.

Snowman Christmas Ornaments

Snowmen are a favorite among the Etsy Shop Ornaments.  I had a hard time picking just 10!

Santa Clause Etsy Christmas Ornaments

Add a little jolly to your tree with this collection of fun Santa Christmas Ornaments.

Angel Etsy shop Ornaments

Angel ornaments are last on the list, but far from the least.  Our trees are full of angels because they were what our mom gave us every year.  They hold a special place in our hearts.

We hope that you found the perfect Etsy Christmas ornaments for everyone on your list!

Don’t forget, each of the Etsy shops in this gift guide make other ornaments.  So if it’s not pictured here, chances are that perfect ornament is in their shop.  Have fun supporting small businesses on Etsy!

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